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Our Mission Statement

At Melbourne Guitar Academy we are dedicated to sharing our passion for music with each and every one our students. We focuson nurturing both a love & appreciation of music while building the practical and theoretical knowledge & skills necessary to play guitar and develop musical talent. Children learn differently to adults and have very special educational requirements. This is why we have built a special program that not only helps our young students learn guitar, but also helps them develop valuable life skills including self confidence, resilience, improved social skills as well providing a safe and nurturing environment where the will make new friends and become part of a team. We’re about more than teaching music, we’re about teaching life, and are grateful for the opportunity to make your child’s musical journey with us one of the fondest memories they ever have of their childhood.

Student Spotlight

Gus Coz

Age 16


Age 10

What Makes Lessons At Melbourne Guitar Academy Different?

Instead of teaching music the same way it’s been taught for hundreds of years (and getting the same lousy results as everyone else) We are drawing inspiration from sports teams, martial arts and video games so that we can make our lessons highly energetic and extremely engaging. Energy is motion and children learn best through movement and practical application.
By having our young learners move in time with the music, develop their musicianship skills through games and friendly competitions, jam along with each other in lessons and take part in active performance in live band scenarios, we are creating real musical experiences for them to grow and develop their skills and talents.
We’re replacing the traditional way of learning guitar (sitting in a cramped room 1 on 1 with a teacher learning 300 year old Beethoven songs that no child is interested in) with a musical experience like no other that will have them confidently rocking out to their favourite contemporary songs, movie themes and even video game music in a way that is relevant to them and inspiring to learn.

The Really Cool Stuff

The Guitar Ninjas Program 

Just like karate has different coloured belts, we have pioneered a levelling system for guitar that includes different coloured guitar straps and series of easy to follow method books that take students progressively through all of their fundamental skills, concepts and techniques while having the time of their life. Kids love the idea of being a black belt level guitar ninja and we have no doubt your child will too!


The Online Guitar Dojo

In addition to face to face lessons, our students have access to our Online Guitar Dojo platform which includes video accompaniment to all of our lesson curriculum, supplementary courses, practice tools and a video game-like Ninja Quest system that rewards students with experience points and badges for completing challenges.  This online gamification of the learning process translates to unlocking real life skills on the guitar. Our students progress rapidly because they are getting the best of both online and face to face learning.


Performance Opportunities & Supplementary Sessions

Our students are given the opportunity to perform at our studio open mic events, showcases, local festival performances and student gig nights in both solo, ensemble and band formats. We also offer a variety of other courses and classes including songwriting, band workshops & jam sessions, genre specific classes and specialist workshops so that our students can develop their skills in specific areas of interest

What Some Of Our Parents Have To Say

Beginner Guitar Lessons


Mother of Luca

My 10 year old daughter and I have been learning guitar for 10 months now. We both enjoy it, it is a great bonding activity and I would recommend it to other parents with children interested in playing guitar. Michael’s teaching style is engaging and innovative, he is able to cater to different ages and abilities allowing everyone to progress at their own pace.


My kids really love their guitar lessons. Their teacher is enthusiastic and keeps the lessons interesting so they don't get bored. Their progress speaks for itself. Highly recommend!


Mother of
Brad & Jamie


Mother of
Kaan & Korai

Highly recommend Michael he is a patient, fun & passionate guitar teacher. My 9 year old & 7 years old always give positive feedback about their teacher & love working with him.

The Key To Our Success

The key to our success can be summarised by what we call the circle of positivity.

We make lessons fun and easy which makes students feel good, when students are feeing good they are motivated, when they are motivated they practice, when they practice it makes learning fun and easy which leads to them feeling good and a continuation of
the cycle resulting in unstoppable momentum and increased enthusiasm with every new lesson.

The 7 Benefits Of Learning To Play A Musical Instrument

7 Benefits Your Child Will Experience By Learning Guitar With Us

Increased IQ and Academic Success

Countless studies have shown a correlation between learning to play a musical instrument and increased academic success. Learning an instrument improves memory capacity, cognitive ability, pattern recognition and stimulates all for areas of the brain simultaneously.

Increased Self Esteem

Students who learn a musical instrument develop the skills of discipline, resilience, patience and the ability to perform for others, all of which lead to better confidence and self esteem.

Increased Social Skills 

Learning a musical instrument (particularly in a group environment) exposes students to new social interaction opportunities, expands friendship groups and provides the opportunity to work as a team through the development of important musical skills like timing and how to communicate as part of an ensemble.

  A Stress Reliever

The current generation of kids are busier and under more pressure than ever before. Learning an instrument is a great way to stimulate their minds without the use of technology and will become an important part of their identity in adolescent years as the music becomes an important means of self expression.

A Source Of Creativity

Children are naturally creative and in constant need of an outlet for their creative energy. Learning an instrument provides a wonderful opportunity for students to be creative and express themselves.

A Sense of Achievement

Not everyone can be good at sports but everybody can learn how to play guitar and can get a sense of achievement with each new skill or song mastered. Learning an instrument can easily become a lifelong hobby that pays off with real-life skills.

Fine Motor Skill Development

Learning to play an instrument helps students (particularly young learners) develop finger dexterity and fine motor skills as well as increasing hand eye co-ordination.

Good Parents Understand The Value Of Learning An Instrument.
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