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See For Yourself Why We Provide The Best Guitar Lessons In Melbourne With Video Proof Of Our Students

We talk a big game about being the best guitar school in Melbourne for rock and contemporary guitar lessons but feel like we’ve earned our reputation by helping over 1000 people learn to play guitar in our 7 years of operation.

To put any doubts about the quality of our guitar lesson programs to rest we invite you to check out our students in the videos below and let their playing do the talking!

Most of the videos are recorded at our regular student showcases or demonstrations in the lessons themselves. We’ve also included some written testimonials from happy students and parents for your perusal.

For your convenience we’ve broken this page up into the following sections:

  • Kids’ Guitar Lessons (ages 7-12)
  • Teen Guitar Lessons (ages 13-17)
  • Little Kids Guitar Lessons 9 (ages 4-6)
  • Adult Guitar Lessons
  • Hall Of Fame – a collection of our best students, notable players and anybody who achieved something amazing during their time studying with us.

While we have some amazing players and it’s easy for us to show off a host of already great players who came to us to become better, the true victory for us is taking everyday people and helping them have fun playing guitar, to whatever standard means success to them!

Kids Guitar Lessons In Melbourne

See some of our young guns in action on stage at our student concerts and rocking out at our Melbourne Guitar Academy studios located in Essendon and Glen Waverley.

If you’re a parent and you’re not happy with the quality of your current guitar lessons, or you’re simply looking for the best kids guitar lessons in Melbourne, book a free trial lesson with us to get started.

Metallica Medley
Max Alexander Age 11

Prepare to be blown away by 11-year-old guitar prodigy Max Alexander. Max put together this special medley of his favourite Metallica songs for our student showcase. If you want to shred like Max consider taking children’s guitar lessons with us.

More Than Words
Daniel Kirk - Age 11

11 Year Old Young Gun Daniel Kirk has been working on a special acoustic guitar arrangement of this classic song by Extreme for our next student concert.

We Won't Run
Lexie Wepener - Age 10

Lexie has been learning with us since she was 7 year’s old and has become an amazing young musician in both our guitar lessons and vocal program. Keep an eye out for this one!

Wake Me Up When September Ends
Dean Barravechio - Age 12

See this future rock star in action with a cover of Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Run Away
Morrigan Raven - Age 10

10-year-old acoustic singer/songwriter Morrigan shares a special song that she wrote called ‘Run Away’

Killing In The Name
Harvey Edwards - Age 12

Harvey takes on this Rage Against The Machine classic at our 2022 Mid Year student concert and nails it! Guitar solo and all!

Legend Of The Eagle Bearer
Lucas Ciavarella - Age 11

Lucas Ciavarella performing Legend Of The Eagle Bearer from the Assassin’s Creed video game series on his brand new fender guitar. 

Nothing Else Matters
Lily Mateuzski - Age 10

10-year-old Lily prooves that girls can rock with a cover of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Vocals by Michael and Guitar Solo by Brendan

21 Guns
Marcus Failor - Age 11

Marcus performs a rendition of Green Day’s 21 Guns on acoustic guitar and blitzes the guitar solo!

7 Nation Army
Marek - Age 8

Marek started learning guitar with us a month before the lockdowns. As a result most of his learning over the last two years took place in our online guitar lesson programs. That didn’t stop him from putting on a wonderful performance at our first student showcase in two years.

Time Of Your Life
Hudson Gillis - Age 12

Hudson Gillis has grown into a wonderful young guitar player over the years. Here is a video from an early performance where he performed Time Of Your Life with the help of Michael on vocals.

Song 2
Seth Walton - Age 12

Rockstart Alert! Check out the lethal-left hander Seth Walton playing Blur’s Song 2 on his brand new Epiphone SG! Keep your eye on this kid as he has so much potential.

Fake Love
Belle Walton - Age 11

Belle is an amazingly talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. She’s equally comfortable on piano as she is on guitar and has one of the most beautiful voices you will ever hear. Catch her playing Fake love here.

Bad Moon Rising
Shardy Fernando - Age 9

Shardy Fernando is a young, up-and-comer with a wonderful mindset towards learning and having fun. He was meant to be doing a group performance here but a number of members were isolating at home so Michael stepped in to help out. 

Riley McKenzie Age 8

One of the best things about the guitar is that it is featured in so many genres of music. Contemporary pop, top 40 and even dance music is popular with kids like Riley and makes learning guitar a lot more fun.

Dance Monkey
MGA Junior Band

See some of our junior students combine guitar, piano, voice and drums to rock out in our band workshop program

Another One Bites The Dust
Junior Band Workshop

See one of our junior bands take on this Queen classic live at Musicland.

Enter Sandman
Junior Metal Band

See Liam, James and Dean rock out to Metallica with help from Michael on Drums and Amy on Vocals.

7 Nation Army
MGA Junior Showcase Band

See Seth, Tatsumi, Dean and James do a final rehearsal before their performance at the Oak Park Summer Fair

Another One Bites The Dust
Junior Band Workshop

See one of our junior bands take on this Queen classic live at Musicland.

Student Spotlight
Hudson Gillis

Hudson has been learning guitar with us for close to four years now and has developed into an very talented young player.

Hotel California Solo
Matt and Max

Max and Matt play through the Hotel California guitar solo and demonstrate the concept of harmonisation.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Izzy Catnip - Age 10

Young Izzy singing and strumming her way through The Lion Sleeps Tonigh. What a wonderful voice!

Crazy Train Solo
Geoff Fairservice - Age 11

Prepare to be amazed as Geoff performs a near perfect cover of the Crazy Train guitar solo.

Sweet Child O Mine Trick
Dean Barra - Age 11

What’s the difference between a musician and a rock star? Presentation! Watch as Dean shows off a cool trick he learned in his guitar class! 

Can You Guess The Riff?
Westbreen Primary School Rock Band

Can you guess the riff played by the students in the Westbreen Primary School Rock Band?

Can You Guess The Song?
Oak Park Primary School Band

Can you guess the song played by the students in the Westbreen Primary School Rock Band? If you can give yourself a pat on the back!

Nothing Else Matters
Lachlan Evans - Age 11

Lachlan started learning guitar with us way back in the Strathmore days when our studio was on Napier street. It has been amazing to watch him grow up over the years.

Halloween Theme
Liam Jones - Age 7

Liam is one of the most motivated young learners we have ever met. He was learning the riffs from Tool songs at age 6 and surprised us when he wanted to learn this song to scare his friends on Halloween (video now in Spookyvision®)

Holy Wars
Brendan Davey - Age 12

Brendan is child prodigy and multiple-time Student Of The Year recipient and in this video, you can see why… He plays through Holy Wars by Megadeth despite only having been learning for 9 months.

The Last Post - ANZAC Day
Hudson Gillis - Age 12

Every year we ask one of our most deserving young students to take on the responsibility of playing The Last Post on ANZAC Day. Hudson Gillis rose to the occasion and put his heart and soul into this performance. Lest We Forget.

7 Nation Army Mega Jam
Thomas, Tatsumi & James

Thomas, Tatsumi and James playing through 7 Nation Army by The White Stripes at one of our Junior Jam Nights.

Riley C - Age 9

Riley came to guitar lessons looking for a hobby where he could make new friends and be part of a team without having to play a sport. Guitar lessons were just what he needed and he was able to become a valued member of the group.

Teen Guitar Lessons In Melbourne

Check out some of our wonderful Teen Guitar students here at Melbourne Guitar Academy.

If you’re a teen guitarists looking for lessons that will unlock your full musical potential and tap into your talent we are the place that will help you uncover it.

If you’re a parent and you feel like your children are being held back from their potential with lower quality lessons book a free trial lesson with us so we can assess where they are currently at with their guitar playing and what they need to do to get to the next level.

Shut Up & Drive
Brendan Brown - Age 14

After years of stealing the show as one of our young gun players performing metal classics, Brendan slows things down with this number by Deftones.

Tornado Of Souls
Geoff Fairservice - Age 13

13-year-old guitar virtuoso Geoff Fairservice steals the show with a cover of Megadeth’s Tornado of Souls – widely regarded as one of the hardest guitar solos of all time.

Bethany D'Souza - Age 15

Bethany started learning guitar with us as a total newbie aged 13. Two years later she has blossomed into an amazing player on both acoustic and electric guitar. Today she performs a classical guitar piece.

Always With Me, Always With You
David Parkes - Age 16

VCE Guitar Student David Parkes performing one of his recital pieces: Always with me, always with you by the legendary Joe Satriani.

Lia & Mia

Lia and Mia have been taking acoustic guitar lessons with us for over 4 years now and recently started preparing songs so that they can start doing gigs under the duet name AppleJuice

Cherub Rock
Liam Schreyer - Age 13

Liam is one of Michael’s oldest student’s having started age 7 at St Alban’s Meadows Primary School. Liam makes the journey to Essendon every week for his Guitar Lessons and recently won the music scholarship at his highschool.

Somebody I Used To Know
Lana and Lexie

Our Teen Girl’s Group was missing a few performers due to the spicy cough but Lana and Lexie managed to pull it off and even had their guitars do the singing for them!

Christian Dupre - Age 15

Christian was one of Michael’s first students at the Glenroy Music Center back in the day. After 9 years as a student, he was given a teaching position with us here at Melbourne Guitar Academy.

Miley Consiglio - Age 13

See Miley rock out to the Fleetwod Mac classic Dreams in her debut performance and first ever concert! With a little help from her teacher Jake.

Another Brick In The Wall
Ben Couche - Age 16

Ben came to Melbourne Guitar Academy for help with his VCE Music class and undertook two years of guitar lessons. Here is one of the songs we started working on for his VCE Music Group Performance.

Austen Venville - Age 17

Austen is another one of our VCE Guitar students who did very well in his music classes and exams. Here he performs a rendition of one of Eric Clapton’s lesser known acoustic guitar songs.

Dante Anfuso - Age 16

Red Guitar… check! Leather Jacket…check! Volume turned all the way up… CHECK! Dante doesn’t just look like a rockstar, he plays like one too!

Eye Of The Tiger
The Time Bandits

We encourage our students to jam together and form bands. One such group to come about is The Time Bandits made up of members Lucas, Marcus and Ben

Morrigan - Age 15

It’s been amazing to watch Morrigan grow up over the years. While she’s written dozens of songs this time she is doing a rare cover performance of this Beatles classic on acoustic guitar.

Country Lane
Aspen Lauber - Age 13

One of the best things about teaching guitar is helping each student connect with the music they love and bring it to life on the guitar. Here is Aspen with a country guitar song. 

Ain't So Eazy
Alex Langton - Age 16

Alex is an amazing young musician from Weribee who is actively involved in musical theatre and live music. She has an amazing voice and performs actively as a singer-songwriter doing regular paid gigs despite being only 16.

Bad For Me (Original Song)
Noah Caldaren - Age 16

Noah started guitar lessons with us at age 14 and was a go-getter from day 1. Noah put everything he learned into creating his own music and is now a budding songwriter with several releases to his name. Keep your eyes on the charts for this young up-and-comer

He's A Pirate
Lia Aguilla - Age 15

Lia started learning with us at age 11 and has been one of the fastest learners we have ever taught. Here is a special arrangement of the pirates of the caribbean theme for solo guitar.

Angus Glassenbury - Age 17

Angus is one of the fastest-progressing students we’ve ever had. He came to us aged 16 as a total beginner with ambitions of being a great metalcore guitar player and only a few short months later was shredding like a pro. Check out his band Hollow Haven

Joker And The Thief
Lewis - Age 15

 Lewis is a guitar player from Sale, Victoria who has been taking online guitar lessons with us. He made the 4 hour drive down to Melbourne for our student showcase and stole the show with this rendition of Wolfmother’s Joker and the Thief.

Breaking The Law
MGA Teen Show Band

In addition to regular guitar lessons, we offer band workshops for our intermediate and advanced-level players. For our recent showcase, we combined two groups into a mega ensemble for this Judas Priest classic.

Adult Guitar Lessons In Melbourne

While we have a lot of great talent in the younger divisions we have terrific programs for adult learners looking to learn guitar.

Whether it’s our beginner guitar course helping you get started with guitar, or our intermediate and advanced lesson programs to take you to the next level and beyond, we have a guitar program for you…

But don’t take our word for it, check out the videos below!

Andrew McKinley

Andrew McKinley is a model student and a great example of what is possible when you set goals and work towards them with consistent practice. See our 2021 and 2022 Student Of The year in action.

Happier Than Ever
Meagan Hocking

It takes a lot of courage to get up and perform in front of others, and even more so to sing. Meagan Hocking does an amazing job at both in her debut performance with us at Melbourne Guitar Academy.

Acoustic Guitar Medley
Anand Kumar

Get out your lighter and sing along to some of your favourite acoustic guitar songs with this wonderful medley put together by Anand Kumar. 

Needle And The Damage Done
Daniel Friedman

Daniel Friedman sings and strums along to this Neil Young acoustic guitar classic at our 2022 mid year concert.

Autumn Leaves
Christine Bolt

Veteran guitar student Christine Bolt takes on this jazz standard with the help of the MGA Jazz band.

Blue Moon
Frank Lo Monaco

Frank has put together a special chord melody arrangement of this classic jazz piece on guitar.

The Girl From Ipanema
Eunjeong & Fabio

See jazz guitar wonder Eunjeong perform the classic piece The Girl From Ipanema with help from her husband Fabio on accordion! A rare treat for our listeners.

Georgia On My Mind
Phil Mann

One of our most advance students Phil Mann puts his own spin on this jazz guitar classic.

Student Spotlight
Kerry Robinson

Check out this chat we had with Melbourne Guitar Academy student Kerry Robinson 

Tom McKay

Prepare to be blown away with the wonderous finger wizardry of Thomas McKay. Tom has been taking lessons with us at MGA for 3 years.

Dom Barravechio

Dom is a semi-professional guitarist who gigs regularly in acoustic duos and function bands. Despite playing for over 20 years he still wasn’t happy with his playing and has come to MGA to gain a deeper understanding of music theory and how to integrate it on the guitar fretboard.

MGA Adult Jam Night

Come down to our Essendon Guitar Lesson Studio on the first Friday of every month to participate in our Jam Session. A short setlist of classic rock songs is given ahead of time and you come down and jam with other students!

Jack Cindric

Can You Guess The Lick? Jack Cindric taps his was through this Van Halen classic (and lead guitar rite of passage) with confidence and class!

Paradise City
Zoran Ludjic

Zoran came to us as an acoustic guitar player in 2018 who had always wanted to learn electric. After doing his trial he was inspired to buy his first Gibson guitar and has never looked back. He’s now an inspiration to all of our students on what you can achieve when you pursue your passion!

Original Song
Alex Hildebrand

Alex is one of our best blues guitarists and has mastered the styles of BB Kind, Eric Clapton and even SRV! So what do you do when you can play everything? You start writing your own music!

Bohemian Rhapsody Solo
Lucas Perlind

Lucas takes us through the solo to Bohemian Rhapsody which we learned in our Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Lead Guitar class. 

Fix You

Mark came to us in his 60’s and is proof that you’re never too old to learn how to play guitar. Here is a beautiful acoustic rendition of Fix You by Coldplay which has been arranged for solo guitar.

Jazz Fusion Soloing
Praveen Krishna

Praveen came to us as an intermediate player who could strum through acoustic guitar songs but wanted to learn about soloing and improvisation. Here is a video of his playing after 2 years (most of it through online learning during lockdown)

Bad Penny
Jeremy Archer

Jeremy Archer playing through a cover of Bad Penny by Rory Gallagher. See his epic blues guitar skills on show in this classic instrumental piece

Pizza Blues (Original)
Fabio Pizzo

When you see a pointy guitar like this you know the player means business, and Fabio can definitely play. Check out this blues piece he composed for our concert.

Godfather Theme
Ozzy Yildrem

The Ozzmeister puts his spin on the classic Godfather theme at our end of year student showcase.

Folsom Prison Blues
Barry King

Barry started learning guitar with us at the ripe old age of 72… Nine months later he performed this rendition of Folsom Prison Blues at our showcase and stole the show.

Time Of Your Life
Richard King

Richard King started taking lessons 20 years ago but gave it up… after seeing how much his father Barry improved after only a few months of lessons he was inspired to get back into it.

Mad World
Gary Lancaster

Gary came to us under bad circumstances having been knocked off his motorbike in a hit-and-run incident. After multiple surgeries, his doctor recommended that he learn guitar as part of his recovery process. Here he is a few months into lessons.

Sick Day (Original)
Simon Wood

Simon always wanted to learn guitar as a kid but missed out. Once he moved out, got a job and had some spare cash guitar lessons were the first thing on his list! 

Moonman (Rick & Morty)
Edward Arthur

Eddie is another one of our young guns who started lessons with us as a total beginner and only a few months later was already singing and strumming along confidently.

Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Anand Kumar

Anand came to us as a proficient strummer but wanted to learn how to play the vocal line and chords at the same time. After taking 12 months of lessons this is the result.

Guitar Improvisation
Ryan Adamson

Ryan has been playing bass and rhythm guitar in Melbourne-based bands for the better part of a decade. He’s always wanted to learn how to do lead guitar and soloing, and in this video he’s not doing too bad! 

Future Times
Christopher Wakefield

Whetheer he’s playing guitar or flying helicopters around Melbourne Chris excels at everything he does. Chris loves prog rock and anything that goes against the grain…check out this Yes cover.

California Dreaming
Mel Sugden

Mel came to use as a total beginner who wanted to learn how to play death metal. She got what she wished for and we dove right into teaching her how to riff, tremolo pick and play fast!

Captured In My Mind (Original)

Katherine came to use while studying a Bachelor of Sound production. She needed to record herself playing guitar in order to complete her recording assignments and needed to get her chops up quickly…

Vorria Jri A Ra Merica
Elvira Andereoli

Elvira came to us as an experienced folk guitar player performing in a traditional Italian folk band. We helped her explore improvisation and improve her lead guitar playing so that she could take solos and show off her guitar playing on stage

The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle
Henry Brereton - No Not The Bees

Henry is the rhythm guitarist for Melbourne-based metalcore band No Not The Bees. While he is a great rhythm player he felt that his music theory and lead playing was lacking and came to us to improve those areas.

I Didn't Realise (Original)
Karen Harding

Karen came to us as a talented vocalist and pianist with the goal of learning guitar so that she could incorporate another instrument into her songwriting arsenal. Have a listen to what she’s been able to create since learning guitar with us

Isua - Entire Set
Dharma Lovelace - Isua

Dharma came to us with goals of learning how to play doom metal and one day joining a band. The good news is that she now plays in several doom metal bands in both Sydney and Melbourne. Mission accomplished Dharma!

To Leave Something Behind
Michael Doherty

Michael Doherty came to us to learn how to play along to his favourite songs and has barely put the guitar down since. He regularly posts videos of himself singing and playing along on social media and looks to be having the time of his life.

Streets With No Name
Tony Balony

Tony came to us to learn guitar after winning one in a fundraiser raffle. He’s gone from “not having a musical bone in his body” to recording three-part videos on his Youtuber channel. Check him out via the link above.

When The War Is Over
Michael Luddeni

One of the best things about teaching guitar is helping students who gave it up as a kid “when it was boring” get back into the hobby and start learning the songs and music that they like. Michael Luddeni was in this boat and wishes he never gave it up. the first time around.

Original Composition
Rowan Duncan

When Rowan came to us he could play a few Metallica songs but had gone as far as he could go on his own. We helped him learn the fretboard and the theory and techniques needeed to expand into the world of lead guitar and shredding solos. Here is a song he wrote after our composition workshop.

Isn't She Lovely
Francesco Arbelo

One of the most rewarding things about being a guitar teacher is seeing your students transition from shy rhythm guitar players to budding lead guitarists who have the courage to share their guitar playing with the world. Good On You Francesco!

Ghost Riders In The Sky
Tony Richards

While country guitar lessons aren’t our forte we definitely have a go-to repertoire of country hits and basic techniques that we can take any aspiring country guitarist through. Here’s Tony with one of the most iconic country guitar riffs of all time.

Flight Of The Valkyry's
Andy McKinly

Andrew is one of the fastest-progressing students that we’ve ever had. Here is one of the pieces he submitted to us in order to level up to the Blue Belt while we were doing online lessons.

Melbourne Guitar Academy Hall Of Fame

Take a look at some of our students who achieved notable success with their guitar playing during and beyond their time taking guitar lessons at with Melbourne Guitar Academy, 

There are also a number of professional and semi-professional players who took lessons with Michael to get that extra edge in their guitar playing, gain a deeper understanding of the fretboard or expand their music theory knowledge.

Joao Conclaves
Guitarist For Orpheus Omega

Joao is a member of the renowned Melbourne-based melodic death metal band Orpheus Omega who are signed to Kolony Records. With 5 albums to his name and endorsements with ESP Guitars and Mesa Amplification Joao is a serious guitar player who has toured both Australia and internationally many times over.

Gus Cox
Victoria University Graduate

Gus studied with Michael at Melbourne Guitar Academy from 2011 to 2017. He was the highest scoring guitar student in VCE Music for the state of Victoria in 2016 and received the Topclass award for his efforts. Gus went on to study a Bachelor of Music at Victoria University and gigs activly around Melbourne.

Michael Lancaster
Victoria University Graduate

Michael Lancaster started lessons at Melbourne Guitar Academy age 14 and would go on to complete VCE Music with a study score of 44. Shortly after he was accepted into a Bachelor of Music as Victoria University and continues to play acoustic guitar covers and original songs in his band On Till Morning.

Frank Lo Monaco
MGA Teacher

Frank first started playing the guitar at the age of 8 but really didn’t the classical guitar lessons he was getting with a pushy teacher. He picked it up again in his teens and spent the next 30 years as a self-confessed ‘frustrated guitarist’. After joining MGA in 2016 he finally found the solution to many of his problems and frustrations and after applying himself and transforming his playing was offered a teaching position in 2019. He has been a valued member of our team ever since.

Mia Soligio
MGA Teacher

Mia started learning guitar with us when she was only 12. By age 17 she was so good at guitar that we offered her a job with us. She’s now our resident fingerstyle expert and is very loved by all of her junior students.

Rhys Gleisner
Box Hill Institute Graduate

Rhys Gleisner was a stellar student and took several years of guitar lessons. He would eventually go on to study Music Business at Melbourne’s Box Hill Institute.

Zac Rufus
JMC Academy Graduate

Zach Rufus is a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass and vocals and is a member of the Melbourne rock band Gen2. Gen2 are currently signed to X-Ray Records and have a new album coming out in 2022

Zachary Dunks
Guitarist - Requiem & Viperthrone

Zachary Dunks is a shred-lord hailing from Ararat, Victoria who made the trek down to Melbourne in search of the best heavy metal guitar lessons he could find. He plays in the metal bands Requiem and Viperthrone and was picked by Michael to replace him in Hybrid Nightmares.

Mark Vincini
Psuedo Mind Hive

Mark is a talented guitarist who first sought out lessons with Michael after seeing him play the guitar in front of the whole school at an assembly. Years later he would be carving it up in front of the school too which gave him a taste for performing. Mark plays in the Melbourne Psychedelic Band Pseudo Mind Hive 

Chris Czimmerman
Guitarist For Mason & Decimatus

Christopher Czimmerman went from high-school guitar wizard to one of the most sought after metal guitar players in the Melbourne metal scene. He was a member of Mason for several years and recorded two albums with them before joining Decimatus.

Nicholas Woodhouse
Guitarist - Stormtide

Nicholas Woodhouse is a guitarist from Geelong who has played in a number of victorian based bands as both lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist and bassists. He is most famous for playing in Stormtide, Grey Tomb, and now currently plays in The Incantus.

Ben Plant
Hybrid Nightmares

Ben is Michael’s former co-guitarist from the extreme metal band Hybrid Nightmares. With some encouragement from Michael, Ben went on to open his own guitar school ‘Pathfinder Guitar’ based in Ringwood

Jack Basile
Guitarist For Armata

Jack Kirk Basile is a talented thrash metal guitarists from Melbourne’s southwest. He plays with the metal outfit Armata 

Craig Lloyd
CMAA Award Winner

Craig Lloyd is an award-winning singer-songwriter with several top 10 hits on the Australian Country Music Charts. In 2022 he was the recipient of the Country Music Association of Australia ‘Country Ballad Of The Year’ award for his song ‘One Last Time’.

David Gee
Guitarist For Armata

David is the former rhythm guitarist of Melbourne Thrash Metal band Armata. He moved to London in 2020… we’ll keep you updated if he joins a new band!

Guitar Lessons For Young Kids (4-6 Years Old)

All kids deserve a quality musical education and good parents know the value of investing into learning how to play an instrument.

We start our students in lessons as young as 5 and have the special ‘Little Ninjas’ program for your younger learners.

Take a look at some of our younger students giving it a go at our student concerts,

Paperback Writer
Miles, Kiren & Nivaan

Some music schools don’t take students on until they’re 7 or 8 years old. At MGA we redefine what success looks like for younger learners and get students started as young as 4!

Picking & Strumming
Marley Morrow Age 6

6 year old Marley performing a piece from her beginner guitar book.

Riff Medley
Antonio Age 4

See four-year-old Antonio, our youngest performer at the time in his debut concert performance.

Adult Guitar Lessons

“I have been having lessons with Michael for a few months, having had lessons all throughout high school and dropped it completely afterwards for 10 years. My technical skills were rusty, and theory was worse for wear, but after only a short time with Michael I’m already at a far higher level than I was before. He corrected poor habits of mine, had well constructed routines for making practice more efficient and has a fantastic way of explaining musical and guitar theory. Very passionate, talented and all around great guy, how can I possibly not give him five stars? If you’re after lessons, check out his page; you most definitely won’t regret it

                                                                                    Brayden Germaine – Pascoe Vale

This is exactly the tuition I had been looking for.

After years of going around in circles finally have started to make progress into becoming a better guitar player.

The path to God-like guitar status has been shown to me.
Comfortable lessons in an excellent environment.


                                                                                   Mark Bradley – Strathmore

I was a complete novice on the Guitar, but the team are dedicated and make it super easy to learn now my guitar is no longer sitting in the corner of my room I am able to play it each night and what was once a dream after years of being influenced by Slash, Orianthi, Angus (AC/DC) and my personal favourite David Gilmore.

I can now bravely continue learning thank-you so much Melbourne Guitar Academy! I love your work.

                                                                                    Alba Spirelli – Gladestone Park

Have You Seen Enough To Make A Decision About Guitar Lessons?

Hopefully by now we’ve earned your trust and you are ready to book in a FREE TRIAL LESSON with us.

If you still need to do some research then you can read over 100 5-star google reviews from happy guitar players and parents at our Google Business Listing

See you in the studio!

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