Anyone Can Become A Great Guitarist!

Play Guitar Like You Have Always Dreamed!

Go from being an absolute beginner to a Guitar God,
learning all of your favourite songs and having lots of fun along the way

  • Have you always wanted to learn guitar but have lacked the confidence to begin lessons?
  • Do you want the learning process to be fun and engaging so that you can capture the joy you first felt when learning the guitar?
  • Have you been trying to teach yourself from outdated guitar method books, YouTube or other online resources only to find the process confusing and overwhelming?
  • Have you been taking lessons from an unqualified, self proclaimed ‘guitar teacher’ who uses improper teaching methods that leave you frustrated and unsatisfied with your progress?

Unfortunately most aspiring guitarists go through the frustrations of teaching themselves from poor resources or are subject to the trial & error approach of an incompetent teacher. This makes learning the guitar a difficult, unpleasant and demotivating experience.

If you can relate to any of these problems, then you are not alone. I know exactly how you feel and have been there myself. Nothing was more frustrating than failing to teach myself from guitar methods that got me nowhere or YouTube lessons that left me feeling overwhelmed. It wasn’t until I sought a professional guitar instructor who gave my practice direction that I realised how little progress I was making and how little I had to show for the hours and hours I put into learning.

“When I first started learning my teacher only taught me songs, he never taught me the guitar.”

Like many beginners my first teacher was a great player and had a great big folder of songs to teach me. This seemed good at first but I was always taught what I wanted, not what I needed. So when it came time to jam with others or do a solo in the band, I had no idea how to do anything that I hadn’t already been spoon fed. To combat this I would read every magazine lesson or buy every guitar DVD I could, but I was always focused on learning more instead of developing the knowledge I already had to a point where I could use it in a musical context.

Before I reached out to a professional teacher my guitar playing suffered greatly. I was always seeking new tricks, licks and ideas to use in my playing and I went to great efforts to learn everything, but It was only ever one step forward and two steps back to the point where I knew everything about guitar playing but could do nothing very well. Once I realised that the only way to become and expert guitar player was to learn from an expert teacher I instantly contacted a professional guitar instructor who turned my playing upside down. When I began working with an expert teacher my playing and technical skills improved dramatically and the results came faster than I could believe. I was not only taught how to play the guitar but how it worked and was constantly inspired, motivated and encouraged to work towards achieving my musical goals.

Learning the guitar from and expert teacher will not only get you playing your favourite songs but will motivate you to push to the next level and inspire you towards success.

Want to know why so many beginners struggle
to make progress when learning guitar?

You’re learning guitar from a friend who can ‘play’ guitar
We all have that one friend who can play very well but do they really know how to teach? The idea of learning from a friend may be a cool experience however learning from anyone who isn’t a professional teacher can be very detrimental to your musical growth. How? Your friends don’t have access to any teaching methods, resources or even any experience teaching and will pass on any bad habits or mistakes that they themselves have. Friends are great to jam and have fun with, but if you want results, you need a professional teacher
You’re choosing a teacher based on location or price
Why do people who choose their guitar teachers based on price or location get poor results? Someone once told me that good advice is expensive, but bad advice costs even more. You can easily apply this lesson to learning the guitar…cheap lessons = poor results. Often people sacrifice quality lessons for a cheap price or the convenience of location and then wonder why their playing isn’t improving at a rate which they want. Understand that a professional teacher will deliver more value, provide better advice and give you access to more resources so that you can progress at an accelerated rate resulting in months or even years being shaved off of your learning experience! Do you want lessons from a beginner teacher just getting their foot in the door or do you want a premium experience guaranteed to get you results?
You’re trying to teach yourself from outdates method books, YouTube, Smartphone Apps or other unreliable online resources
With the amount of online resources and the ease of access to them through Youtube, Google and other unreliable sources there is no wonder that so many peoples struggle to get results from teaching themselves. Yes there is a wealth of knowledge to be found online but there is also an infinite amount more of bad advice from people who don’t know what they are talking about and have no teaching qualifications or authority on the subject. Would you take health advice from an 18 year old on Youtube or a doctor with years of study in the medical field? Don’t take guitar playing advice from anyone who isn’t an expert guitar teacher.

Imagine what it would be like to play guitar
the way you have always dreamed?

Take the time now to imagine what it would be like if you could play guitar the way you’ve always wanted to? Visualise yourself playing your favourite song, jamming in a band with friends or ripping a white hot guitar solo onstage in front of 10,000 screaming people. Imagine being the cool person playing guitar at the party and impressing all the girls, or playing a beautiful song for a special someone on a beach during summer, or even hearing that song on the radio.

Imagine being a proud parent watching your son or daughter performing in front of the whole school for the first time or framing the ‘High Distinction’ exam certificate before putting it up on the wall. Do any of these sound like things you want to achieve? All of these goals are well within your reach and taking guitar lessons is the first step in what will be a very fulfilling and rewarding journey.

I can help you get results!

Too many teachers use traditional linear approaches to gutiar which are boring, outdated and usually result in students loosing motivation and quitting guitar. They blame the student for not being dedicated enough or not having ‘what it takes’ when in reality the student is set up to fail front the beginning. Fortunately I have developed a geometric approach to learning guitar that will have you improving in many areas of your playing simultaneously whilst still keeping lessons fun, engaging and in line with your goals.

Many of my students have been with me for multiple years and in addition to having a great student base in my local community, have people coming from as far a Frankston, Geelong, Box Hill and Oakleigh to take lessons with me. Whatever you guitar playing and musical goals are, I will help you achieve them and set out a plan to make it happen in the shortest time possible through a personally customised lesson program.

I will help you overcome hurdles and road-blocks in your guitar playing!

I learned guitar the hard way! It was a very frustrating experience that took a longer time and cost me more money than It ever should of. My personal mission is to help you avoid the many hurdles that most guitar players face while learning and to make the experience as fun and rewarding as possible along the way.

Any problem or obstacle that you may be facing or will face in the future I have already overcome and I am here to show you how to do it, all in the shortest time possible. I’ve been playing guitar at a level I’ve always dreamed of for years now, it is the best feeling in the world, and I want you to realise your potential to achieve it too. When taking lessons at Melbourne Guitar Academy you will learn what is causing your current limitations and how to break free of them and start moving forward.

You’ll be surrounded by a peer group of killer guitarists just as success driven and motivated as yourself and you will be given access to the best lessons and classes in Melbourne, giving you no choice but to become a phenomenal guitarist and master musician.

When Taking Guitar Lessons From Me You Will…

  • Learn from a passionate, experienced and highly motivated teacher driven to get great results from students.
  • Learn effective memory techniques so that you can spend less time learning and more time playing.
  • Learn effective practice techniques so that you can get maximum results from your practice time.
  • Learn from someone who will create a lesson program that reflects your individual goals and needs.
  • Get a personalised practice schedule that will accelerate your progress towards achieving your goals.
  • Learn the right thing at the right time and avoid getting overwhelmed by too much information.
  • Learn to become a great player by focusing on what you want to learn without being subjected to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ lesson approach.

10 Reasons Why I Am The Right Teacher For You

  1. I will take the time to get to know you, your musical goals and the challenges that you currently face on the guitar.
  2. I will plan your lessons with your goals in mind so that you can see a clear path towards achieving them without the frustration of a trial and error approach.
  3. I will focus on overcoming the challenges that you currently face while teaching you correct technique to avoid future problems.
  4. I will support you along the journey towards achieving your goals and be a constant source of motivation, guidance and encouragement.
  5. I will create for you a personalised practice schedule that reflects your individual needs.
  6. I will provide you with effective learning methods and practice techniques to maximise the results you get from your practice time.
  7. I will teach you how to implement everything you learn so you can apply what you know to any musical context.
  8. You will have the opportunity to meet, interact & jam with other like-minded, highly motivated, driven and passionate musicians.
  9. You will be given opportunities to perform the music that you learn in a variety of live performances.
  10. I’ll make our first session together a FREE ‘Introductory & Evaluation’ Lesson because I am confident that I can help you unlock your full inner musical potential and set you down the path towards becoming the great guitarist you have always dreamed of being.
Don’t put the realisation of your guitar playing goals on hold any longer! Book your FREE introduction session by filling out the contact form below


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