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What Type Of Guitar Player Are You?

Take The Guitar Personality Test!

Whether you are new to guitar or have already being playing for a few months or years, knowing your guitar personality type will allow you to easily identify the skills concepts and techniques that you need to learn in order to develop into the guitar player and musician you want to be. We’ve identified the 6 most common guitar personality types and invite you to take the Guitar Personality Test so that you can identify which type of guitarists you are. Each of these guitar archetypes are defined by personality traits including introversion or extroversion, ambition levels, your personal musical tastes, the kind of guitars you are most likely to own and the technical proficiency and theoretical knowledge required within your favorite genres of music.
We’ve also included a special list of what skills and concepts you need to work on first, what to proceed onto once you have the fundamentals down, and what gear and equipment you should invest in. This list is included in your guitar personality quiz results.
Let’s start by taking a look at the 6 main guitar personality types below. Of course if you’d rather find out your guitar personality type and do the reading later you can click the button below and jump straight to the test!

The 6 Kinds Of Guitarists

The Hobby Guitarist

This kind of guitarist plays guitar for themselves and is quite happy playing in their bedroom with no-one listening.. Whether it’s for a love of music or simply a way of bettering themselves they play guitar for fun. These guys and gals lend themselves to both electric and acoustic guitar across a wide variety of genres and styles. Hobby Guitarists normally keep to themselves and get a bit nervous of playing with others and are often terrified at the idea of performing in front of an audience however are quite pleased when shown admiration for their skills.

The Campfire Strummer

This kind of guitarists can be seen with an acoustic guitar in hand strumming along as their friends sing along around the campfire or other holiday or social type events. These players love music and social interaction equally and use music as a means of bringing joy and happiness to their social circle. These players are content strumming basic chords while they sing and don’t require outstanding technical prowess or theoretical knowledge, just enough to have fun playing their favourite songs.

The Garage Rocker

This kind of guitarists is usually heard before they are seen and are usually found in a mix of hobby jams and semi-professional gigs. They will usually have decent musical equipment and love playing with other people and seek performance opportunities frequently. They are the ones most likely to form bands and gig in a hobby or semi-professional capacity. Garage Rockers have mastered the basics of rhythm guitar playing and usually have a solid grasp of most rock and blues soloing techniques which they always seek to improve.

The Singer/Songwriter

This kind of musician uses the guitar as an accompaniment to their voice and as a tool to help their songwriting. Ever the creative type, the Singer/Songwriter is an artists with music to share with the world  through both recordings and live performance. The Singer/songwriter usually favors the acoustic guitar and has a basic understanding of chords and rhythm guitar playing as well as the music theory knowledge and compositional skills to make their own music. Singer/Songwriters are most likely to be solo musicians working to either a semi-professional or professional capacity however with the rise of Youtube and other social media platforms it is easier than ever to share your music with the world.

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The Shredder

The shredder (also known as a Finger Wizard or Guitar God) plays hard, fast and has an amazing technical prowess on the instrument (often to the detriment of their feeling and creative skills). Shredders favor speed above all else and will spend hours upon hours building their lead guitar skills in order to intimidate other guitar players. Shredders are all about high gain, brightly coloured pointy guitars and melting the faces off of the first three rows of the audience.

Extroverted Shredders are your stereotypical rock stars and often have the ambition to play in stadiums with thousands of people to admire their epic guitar skills while introverted shredders are often the final evolutionary stage of the hobby musician after years of consistent practice and improvement at home in the bedroom.

The Professional Guitarist

This kind of guitarist loves their instrument and plays it professionally as a job (or at-least aspires to one day). They have poured countless hours into building a high level of technical skills, fretboard knowledge and theory concepts in order to meet the requirements of gigging, teaching and session work on a regular basis. Professionals will still specialise in specific genres and have preferences for live or session work but overall will be comfortable in either environment and can quickly adapt if needed.
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Now that you know about the different kinds of guitar player personalities it’s time to take the test and to find out what is your guitar personality type.
Once you know what kind of guitar playing personality you are you will have a better understanding of what skills, techniques and concepts you need to work on in your playing. Of course these personality types are very broad and there will still be unique things you must learn that are specific to your individual goals and needs.  A good guitar teacher will help you identify these needs and steer you in the right direction.  You may also find that your personality type may change through the course of your guitar journey with Hobby players developing into garage rockers or campfire strummers evolving into professional guitarists. As long as you are growing and developing, it’s all part of the fun.
If you’ve taken the guitar personality test but want to know the next steps of your journey getting guitar lessons from a professional guitar teacher will lead to rapid progress and great results. visit our main page where you can book a free online guitar lesson with a member of our Melbourne Guitar Academy team.

PS. If you have any suggestions for other Guitar Personality Types that we may have missed, or need help with what to work on, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on social media via @MichaelGumley on most platforms

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