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    You are never too old to learn guitar, in factstarting as an adult is often better becauseyou are more mature, are choosing to playguitar because you want to do it andbecause you are able to processinformation quicker. Age is a number, not alimitation and we’ve had wonderful successwith students of all ages. Our eldeststudent Barry came to us at the age of 72having never played guitar and performed arendition of Folsom Prison Blues at ourstudents concert 4 months later! It was thehighlight of the concert!

    Every child is different and progresses at adifferent rate. Some children are ready forguitar lessons by the age of 6, others needa little longer to develop. This is why weoffer a FREE Introduction To Guitar sessionso that we can meet your child and assesswhether they are ready for guitar lessonsand recommend which program will bestsuit their educational needs.

    Our standard Adult Guitar Lessons andChildren’s Guitar Lessons are 60 minutes induration. This allows us enough time tolearn new material, revise old material andto cover the content in enough detail tohelp you progress with your playing withoutmaking lessons feel rushed or running outof time.We also run a special Keynotes Program foryounger learners aged 5-7 years old. Thisprogram features two x 30m lessons eachweek and is much better suited to kids intheir early developmental years.
    If you want to lose weight but you are onlygoing to the gym once a week for 30minutes, you’re probably not going to bevery successful. If you train several times aweek and eat right between sessionsyou’re going to see your likelihood ofsuccess skyrocket, and with this successcomes more motivation which makes thewhole process enjoyable. Learning guitar ismuch the same and we insist that a weeklylesson is the minimum if you are seriousabout learning and getting results. We evenencourage our students to do multiplesessions a week so that we can train andhold you accountable every few days. Weunderstand that not everyone has themeans to attend a regular weekly lessonand are happy to take students who can’tmake this commitment provided theyunderstand that results will come slowerand that they need to be proactive in theirpractice at home.

    The duration of your guitar playing journeyis determined by a lot of factors includingthe style of music you like, the kind ofguitar player you wish to be and whetheryou want to be a hobby player or aprofessional player. You will be able to learnto play a collection of Ed Sheeran songs onacoustic guitar much quicker than you willbe able learn the solos to your favouriteAC/DC tracks. It is all relative to your goalsand what you are trying to achieve. Expect to be learning for around 2 years tobe able to comfortably play the chords, riffsand solos to basic radio level pop/rock/top40 songs. Some people get to this level in 6months, others take a bit longer but thevast majority of our students progressfaster than average and achieve their goalssooner than they thought possible.

    You can learn lots of good stuff on y\Youtube, but you can also find 100x theamount of bad lesson content, and as abeginner you don’t yet know the difference.You could fumble around on your own formonths or years and end up gettingnowhere, or you could pay us to teach youthe right way from the beginning and savea lot of time, energy and frustration. Yougenerally get what you pay for so choosewisely.

    We have created our own internal gradingsystem called the Guitar Ninjas Programwhich originally made because we foundthat traditional exam programs focused toomuch on dated classical music and didn’tresonate with contemporary guitarstudents. Having said that we’ve had great successtaking our students through AMEB,Rockschool, and VCE exams and canarrange to take students through examprograms upon request.

    We often hear students express “my handsare too big” or “my hands are too small”and it couldn’t be farther from the truth.Many famous guitarists have giant handsand many great players have small handsbut with enough practice all of them wereable to play well. The truth is that the sizeof your hands has no effect on your abilityto play guitar, and once you get over thebeginner difficulties and development somedexterity you will be able to play wellregardless of your hand size.
    We have a number of different programs onoffer starting at $50 for a 60 minute lesson.We do however recommend you come infor a FREE Introduction to Guitar sessionso that we can get to know you, assessyour learning style and talk about your goals before making our recommendationon the best suited program to helping youmoving forward.

    Our studio is open from 2:00pm to 9:00pmMonday to Friday and 9am to 3:00pm onSaturday. We also run morning and earlyafternoon session on appointment. Wehave very flexible hours and canaccomodate any schedule including shiftworkers and people who travel a lot.

    We have plenty of guitars on-hand in ourstudio for you to use however you will needa guitar to practice on at home betweenyour lessons. We can arrange a rental foryou or send you to our friends at MacronMusic who will help you choose a newguitar. See the Free Resources section onour webpage for more info on how tochoose your first guitar.
    The majority of our lesson programs are run as group sessions (just like primary &secondary schools, universities, sportsteams and martial arts clubs train theirstudents) however we can organise privatelessons as needed.

    We recommend that you choose a guitarbased on the styles of music you want tolearn and the kind of guitarist you wish tobe. If you want to learn primarily acousticguitar songs, start on an acoustic, if youwant to be a rock guitar god, it’s best to gostraight to electric. We recommend childrenstart on a 3/4 size electric guitar whenbudget allows, otherwise a 1/2 or 3/4 sizeacoustic will do. See the Free Resourcessection on our webpage for a whole articleon this question.

    We do gift cards for all of our lessonprograms. Use the contact form above toget in touch regarding pricing and toorganise your voucher.

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