Congratulations on signing up for Guitar Lessons at Melbourne Guitar Academy! This page has all the resources you need to kickstart your guitar playing career. Be sure to read every word on this page and to check out all of the resources.

Introduction To Guitar Video Series

1 – Parts Of The Guitar

2 – Names Of The Strings

3 – How To Pick The Strings

4 – How To Fret Notes

5 – How To Read Tab

6 – Introduction Session Recap

7 – How To Read A Chord Chart

8 – The Best Way To Practice Chords

9 – How To Tune A Guitar

10 – The Best Way To Learn Songs

11 – Learning The Pentatonic Scale

12 – Learning Power Chords

Student Portal Guide

How To Create A Student Account

Student Portal Overview

Guide To The Student’s Locker

Guide To Using The Practice Room

Guide To The Common Room

Lesson Booking System Coming Soon



MGA Adult Beginner Book PDF & Audio Files

MGA Children’s Beginner Book PDF & Audio Files

MGA Drum Tracks Audio Files

Backing Tracks Collection

Single Note Drone Tracks

Important Links

Student Portal Log In

Melbourne Guitar Academy Website

Resource Page


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