Teacher Resources

On this page you will find the links to specific team member resources.

Please bookmark this page for future reference.


Guitar Ninja Level Up Form – use this form when a student levels up in the guitar ninja program.

Post Intro Report Form – use this form to inform us of the student’s level and recommended group and teacher after an intro.

Guitar Service Booking – use this form when a student wants to book their guitar in for a service

Incident Report Form – Use this form when an incident with a student, parent or piece of equipment occurs.

Team Member Availability Form – Use this form to update us with your availability.

General Inventory & Communication Form – use this when a student is given an inventory item without levelling up or for
any notable communications.

Team Member Leave Request Form – use this for planned leave or unexpected illness once you have organised
someone to cover your shift.

Student Of The Month Nomination Form – please nominate your student of the month by the 25th.

Intermediate & Advanced Student Evaluation Form – a survey for more experienced students to fill out


MGA Email Login – use this to log into your MGA email account.

Guitar Dojo Online – use this to access your teacher development courses and the Guitar Ninjas video playthroughs

Opus – use this to access your teaching schedule

Guitar Ninjas Recommended Songs – a spreadsheet with recommended songs for each level of Guitar Ninjas

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