Are You Exceptional? Teaching Careers at Melbourne Guitar Academy

Would you like to turn your passion for music into a career?

We are always looking for enthusiastic, dedicated and highly motivated guitar players who want to share their passion for music with others through the medium of teaching.

You might be a gun guitar player who wants to get started with teaching but are unsure of where to begin.
Perhaps you’re an enthusiastic teacher but but have no interest in running the business side of things.
Maybe you’’re already teaching but lack direction and need the guidance of a master teacher to take hone your skills and take you to the next level.

If you’re reading this and thinking “this sounds just like me!” You may be the person we’re looking for

Guitar Teacher Training

All of our teachers are put through a Teacher Training Program that will equip you with the skills necessary to become a highly qualified guitar teacher and performance coach. You’ll learn how to inspire students to practice efficiently, train students to develop quickly and how to retain them for a very long time. All while learning the methods and curriculum which we use to get our students very good results

The School

Established in 2010 as The Guitar Suite and rebranded in 2015, Melbourne Guitar Academy is Melbourne’s premier guitar school. Specialising in all forms of contemporary guitar playing including rock, pop, metal/shred, blues, funk and acoustic, MGA has a reputation for excellence and outstanding student results. Owner Michael Gumley established Melbourne Guitar Academy so that he could share his passion for music and love for teaching with all of his students, and has built a team of like minded teachers with the goal of being the best guitar school in Melbourne through providing an outstanding learning experience for all of our students.


1. You are passionate about music and excited to be teaching other people. We are looking for people who want to be teachers and enjoy helping others, this is essential to being a great teacher.

2. Be a people person with outstanding communication skills. This is even more important than your guitar playing abilities (we can help you improve these)

3. You are proficient at your instrument and can confidently play and demonstrate songs and techniques to a professional standard. You don’t have to be a virtuoso or have completed Grade 12 exams, but you do need to be of a high enough standard to teach others.

4. Be comfortable teaching both group and private guitar lessons to students of all ages. If you do not want to teach group lessons or take students from ages 6 to 12 years old, do not apply.

5. Any form of Musical Accreditation and formal education is a bonus, but not a requirement. We are far more interested in hiring people with real world experience, a slid work ethic and an attitude towards positive personal growth than somebody with a degree or certification.

How To Apply

Read Every Word Below Carefully Otherwise Your Application Will Not Be Viewed

You need to send an email to info (at) with the subject: ((I am the right guitar teacher for you!!!))

You need to Include the following as three separate attachments.

1. A cover letter in PDF format explaining why you want to teach at MGA, what you can provide for our students and what makes you the right person for this position.

2. A resume in PDF format detailing your music journey thus far, your current & previous employment history, and any relevant musical qualifications, accreditations & experience you wish to share with us.

3. A Reference list in PDF format

You also need to submit ONE Youtube video that shows off your guitar playing skills. This can be an existing video performance or a newly recorded video made specifically for this application. Both original and cover material is fine. Include the video by typing the Youtube link into the body of the email, DO NOT include the video as an attachment.

Once you have submitted your application we will review it and if successful, we will contact you within 7 days to arrange an interview. Please note that all applicants will need a current Working With Children Check. If you do not have a WWCC you will need to apply for one immediately and have an active application at the time of interview.

FYI: At Melbourne Guitar Academy we are always looking for exceptional people to join our team and create a better learning experience for our students. We want the best and encourage you to submit a resume whether positions are being openly advertised or not.

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