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Learn Everything You Need To Become A Blues Guitar Legend With The Best Blues Guitar Lessons In Melbourne

Do you want to Master Playing The Blues?

Our Blues Guitar Lessons Will Have You Playing The Blues Confidently In As Little As 90 Days.

Did you know that the average self teaching guitarist will spend 3 years trying to teach themselves before eventually giving up?

Some of the more motivated students might even persevere for decades wishing that they could play guitar better while feeling unsatisfied with their progress for how much time and effort they have put in.

Here’s The Problem Most People Face When Learning Blues Guitar:

 There are literally tens of thousands of guitar related YouTube channels, apps and online membership sites that you can learn from, so you decide to go down the self teaching route. 

You make some great progress initially but eventually you come across something difficult and instead of working on it from start to finish, you skip over it and tell yourself you’ll come back to it later. 

Eventually you’ve accumulated a number of half finished songs, or a bunch of songs where you can play the chords but not the solos, and before you know it you’ve been learning for months or even years and can’t play an entire song!

What’s worse is it’s not for your lack of practice or lack of trying. You actually spend a few hours every week learning and practicing, but you have nothing to show for it. 

So what do you do? You start to desperately look for that one little trick or one missing piece of information that will help you tie everything together. 

This results in you consuming more and more content at a very shallow level because you’re in such a hurry to discover the next amazing thing that will help you have a breakthrough. In the end you learn a lot of key guitar playing concepts but never actually invest the time into mastering any to a high enough level that they come through in your guitar playing.

This can be very frustrating, and most guitar players just give up after a number of years.
But that’s not you is it?
You wouldn’t be reading this if you were a quitter!

Stop Being Frustrated With Your Blues Guitar Playing

Right now you’re probably on a hamster wheel of endlessly learning new things on your guitar but not making any progress.
This means that no matter how much you practice, how many videos you watch on Youtube, or how many licks you learn, you’re never going to be able to connect the dots and play the blues like a true legend.
Luckily for you we can change that! 

Let me introduce you to our Blues Legend Program, a revolutionary new course that allows blues players to master the three closely guarded secrets of legendary blues guitar players that have been kept under wraps by the pros. Learning these secrets and implementing them into your playing will instantly improve your blues guitar playing and make you sound like a pro… all with minimum effort! 

Work with us for 90 days on engraining these concepts into your playing and you will totally transform who you are as a gutiar player and be able to emulate your favourite blues guitarists.
The best part is you can work on this for as little as 30 minutes a week and still get outstanding results, even if you’re a total beginner or a busy professional without a lot of free time.

The Blues Guitar Legend Program At Melbourne Guitar Academy

In our Blues Legend Program you will:

  • Learn the secret to mastering the fretboard so you can always find the right notes to play and which scales to use.
  • Learn the secret to mastering blues licks so you can multiply one lick into hundreds and never get stuck playing the same old ideas over and over ever again.
  • Learn a blues soloing hack that has been used by greats BB King, Eric Clapton and SRV which you can learn in less than 5 minutes and use forever!
  • Learn all the chords and riffs you need to become an effective blues rhythm guitar player
  • Learn the lead guitar and phrasing techniques to make your guitar sing and capture the sounds you hear in your head
  • Get a practice plan to help you improve your playing to pro level with as little as 30 minutes of practice per week. (Less is more right?)
  • Get accountability from a real teacher who will eliminate all of your bad habits and make sure you ingrain everything you learn to a deep level so that whenever someone asked you to play them something on guitar you can become the blues guitar jukebox)

Learning The Blues Doesn't Have To Be Hard

At this point, you might be wondering if this is all too good to be true…
And I wouldn’t blame you if you did.
As guitar players, we can spend years stuck at the same level hoping and wishing to improve without making any actual progress.
After investing into a few online courses or watching hundreds of Youtube videos with clickbaity titles to no avail, we can become sceptical of anything that promises quick results.
I can guarantee you 100% that this program works and will turbocharge your blues guitar playing.
Guitar Teacher Near Me
My name is Michael and I am the owner and head teacher at Melbourne Guitar Academy.  In my 15 years of teaching guitar, I’ve helped hundreds of guitar players improve their skills and play to a higher standard.
In particular, I really enjoy helping intermediate and early advanced level guitar players learn how to play the blues.

It’s often as simple as assessing your guitar playing and systematically eliminating your bad habits while filling in the gaps in your knowledge and helping you focus on learning the right concept in the right order which has a huge impact on your guitar playing overnight and totally transforms you into a blues guitar legend over the course of a few months!

My school is now the highest-rated guitar school in Australia and we have a track record of getting excellent results for all of our students (especially those taking Blues Guitar Lessons! But don’t take my word for it, let’s have a look at these guys and let their playing do the talking.

Phillip Mann

Frank Lo Monacco

Alex Hilldebrand

Join The Blues Guitar Legend Program At Melbourne Guitar Academy

The Blues Legend Program is a 12 Week Course comprising of a weekly two-hour workshop. (12 blues guitar lessons & 24 hours of contact time) 

The first hour of each session is a blues guitar lesson where you learn a blues guitar concepts & techniques. The second hour is a jam session where you get to implement what you learn in a real musical scenario over classic blues songs.
At the end of the 12 weeks, you will have build up a repertoire of blues songs and blues guitar soloing tricks which you will performance in a real venue with a real band and invite all of your family and friends to watch.

What You'll Learn

3 Blues Guitar Secrets that will have you sounding like a professional in no time at all
5 Key Principals of Blue Guitar that will forever change your playing and ensure a lifetime of continuous musical growth
10 Blues Standards and how to solo your way through them so that you can play along and jam with bands or other guitar players whenever you like
How to master the fretboard and always find the right notes
The language of the blues and how to speak it fluently.

Plus We'll Sweeten The Deal With These Special Bonuses

Blues Guitar Lick eBook & Online Course
RRP = $50
Guitar Practice Secrets eBook
RRP = $30
Access to our ‘Getting Into Blues’ course on Guitar Dojo Online which contains over 30 blues guitar riffs
RRP = $50
Blues Guitar Legend PDF Workbook
RRP = $99
Performing A Set Of Blues Songs At The End Of The Course In A Real Venue, With A Real Band, With A Real Audience  = Priceless!

Take Advantage Of This Special Deal

Total Value of 24 x 60m Guitar Lessons with one of our Expert Teachers = $2400

Total Cost of Bonus Items = $249

Total Value = $2649

Your Cost = $997

Make one easy payment of $97 to reserve your spot and 3x monthly instalments of $300 when the program begins.

Love Your Blues Guitar Lessons Or Your Money Back - Our Guarantee

gold, bars, pile
We’re so confident in the ability of our program to totally transform your blues guitar playing that we offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee on your first month of tuition if you’re not happy with the program or the progress that you’ve made provided you’ve come to every session and have logged at least 30 minutes of practice every week in your practice log.
You’ll even get to keep all of the bonus items we give you!
So What have you got to lose? Register For Our Blues Guitar Lessons Today!

Become The Blues Guitarist You Were Born To Be

Look you can click away from this page right now and go back to watching videos on YouTube, but there is a famous saying “do the same old things get the same old results” and I guarantee you in 5 years time (assuming you haven’t given up by then) you’ll still be watching videos and looking for that next “one little thing” that will help you tie it together while still feeling largely unsatisfied with the current state of your guitar playing and the (lack) progress you’ve made.
Here is your opportunity to provide your guitar playing with some much needed direction, and to turbo charge your progress by learning these blues guitar secrets from an Expert Teacher.
Click the button below to register
PS. You’re getting 10 years of my best blues guitar lessons condensed into an epic 12 week course that will transform your playing forever and provide you with an experience like no other, all for the simple price of $997.

Isn’t that a small investment of time and money to help your guitar playing jump quantum leaps into the future?
C’mon, it’s a no brainer! 
Register Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is recommended for intermediate level players who can already change between chords confidently and fluently play through a scale. If you're a total beginner we recommend joining our Beginner Guitar Lesson Program to get you up to the standard needed to take this course.

For 2023 the Blues Legend Program will start on these dates:

  • 1st Week of April
  • 1st Week of July
  • 1st Week of October

Please ensure you have registered prior to these dates

Each intake has 8 places available.

These spots usually fill up quickly so register ASAP to avoid missing out.

If you make a registration but can't attend the full duration of the 12 week program you can have your registration moved to a future cycle of the program.

Performing Live is a rite of passage for every guitar player and an important milestone in your guitar journey as a musician.

Even if you're terrified at the idea of performing in front of others now, after doing 10+ weeks of jamming during the course you'll be more than ready for the stage.

We're going to give you every bit of encouragement we can and set you up for success in every way, but at the end of the day, if you don't feel comfortable performing, we're not going to force you.

After completing the first 12 Weeks of the Blues Guitar Legends Program you will dramatically improve your guitar playing skills.

You'll also have had the time of your life learning, jamming and making new friends.

You might have even got the bug for playing live on stage!

At this point we'll give you the opportunity to enrol in Blues Guitar Legends II where we teach advanced Blues Guitar Soloing, Comping skills and more challenging repertoire for the next performance!

Congratulations on enrolling!

Between now and when the course kicks off we recommend:

  • working your way through all the bonus items
  • consider joining our regular guitar lesson program so that you can get a head start on refining your skills, brush up on some theory or flat out improve your playing with some more general rock guitar lessons.

Check Out More Of Our Students Taking Blues Guitar Lessons With Us

Josh Boult

Praveen Krishna

Ryan Adamson

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