Learning How To Play Guitar
Has Never Been Easier!

  • Have you always wanted to learn guitar but are unsure of how to get started?
  • Have you taken lessons in the past and want to get back into playing?
  • Have you tried learning from DVD’s, YouTube or Guitar Apps but just end up feeling frustrated?
  • Have you been stuck at your current level for months or years with no idea how to improve?
  • Are you bored with regular guitar lessons and want an engaging lesson program like no other?
  • Does you current teacher spend half of your lesson showing off, or teaches you songs you’re just not interested in learning?
  • Do you simply want to be an awesome guitarists and blow people’s minds with your amazing skills?

If you have said YES to any of these questions then taking lessons at Melbourne Guitar Academy is the answer!

Rapid Progress
Sick of being stuck at the same level? We’ll set a clear path for you to follow that will see you improving rapidly from week to week.
Quality Tuition
-We take the best instructors then train them in our method to ensure you get in-depth coaching and expert advice on all ares of guitar.
Personalised Lessons
We create a program just for you that will make the learning process fun, enjoyable and relevant to your own
Master The Guitar
We’ll take you on a journey that will transform you from an ‘Average Joe’ into a ‘Guitar Shredding Pro’

At Melbourne Guitar Academy we provide more than just guitar lessons. Our goal is to take you on a journey which will transform you from the guitarist you are now into the player that you want to be. We’re all about creating unique experiences and have helped countless students over the past 10 years learn to play guitar, overcome hurdles in their technique, and make massive improvements in their playing.  Whether you’re a total beginner looking for a hobby, an aspiring guitarist who wants to take it to the next level, or an advanced player looking for specific solutions, we’ll be able to help you become a great guitarist, have lots of fun throughout the process and save you lots of time and money by learning guitar the right way!

We’re confident that our guitar lessons will make a huge difference to your playing right away and want to offer you a FREE 45 minute Introduction & Evaluation Session so that you can experience our program before making a decision to commit. Click the button below to book your FREE session now

Want to learn guitar the right way?

Many aspiring students experience a lot of frustration when they try and teach themselves, or are put off learning altogether by inexperienced teachers who have no idea what they are doing. Both of these learning approaches are a waste of your time and money. I focus on teaching guitar the right way so that you can make fast progress and get massive results immediately, leading to you feeling good about your playing and motivated to keep making progress.

Get ready for the Best Guitar Lessons in Melbourne

Most guitar teachers have no plan, have no formal training and teach all students the exact same way regardless of their own goals. – no wonder over 98% of students who start guitar quit! At MGA we have a revolutionary new method for teaching you guitar and have trained all of our instructors to be able to delivery you the highest quality gutiar lessons in Melbourne. If you want guitar lessons that are fun, engaging and unlike anything you have ever experienced then Melbourne Guitar Academy is the place for you.

At Melbourne Guitar Academy we focus on YOU

The first thing we do is take the time to get to know you, your goals and then create you a personalised lesson program that will give you the fundamental skills you need to succeed while catering to the songs, styles and techniques that are relevant to the player you want to become. When we focus on what you want to get out of guitar lessons by following your personal lesson plan the results will come faster than you ever thought possible. This will save you lots of time, money, frustration and shave years off the amount of time it will take to make you into a great guitar player. I’ve helped countless other students achieve their goals and become great players and I promise to do the same for you.

We have the right program for YOU

Whether you just want to learn how to play the chords to your favourite songs, have ambitions of becoming a professional musician, or want to be the world’s next guitar god, we will create a program to help you achieve it. We run lesson programs for students of all ages and abilities from child to adult, beginner to advance and focus on all styles of contemporary guitar music. We will transform you into the guitarist you have always dreamed of becoming!

Book Your FREE Lesson Now!

We understand that taking guitar lessons can be a big decision and want to offer you a FREE 45 minute Introduction Session so that you can meet one of our instructors and experience our program before making a commitment. Click the button below to book your free lesson.

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