Welcome to the Yellow Belt Dojo! Here you will find all of the resources you need to attain your yellow belt. In addition to your guitar lessons you can review any riffs, songs and licks here.

Even though you have been given all of the content up front, please resist the urge to try and learn everything here ahead of time. Have the discipline to learn, memorise and finish off what you are working on before moving onto the next item. It is much better to play 3 things really well than to have 20 things that sounds messy.

Yellow Belt Riff Videos

Below are the play through and lesson videos for all of your yellow belt riffs. it is highly recommended you watch the whole video through once and try to learn and play along the second time. Have your finger on the pause button and stop to play each new section of the riff several times before moving on.

Yellow Belt Riffs Introduction

Louie Louie

Walk Don't Run

Peter Gunn Theme

7 Nation Army

Smoke On The Water

Blues Jam Riff

Hit The Road Jack


Wild Thing

Coca Cola

Yellow Belt Songs

coming soon

Yellow Belt Licks

coming soon


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