Is Music A Huge Part Of Your Life? Express Yourself With Guitar Lessons!

  • Is music a huge part of your life and something you would like to pursue more actively?
  • Do you wish you could play the guitar well and have always wanted to learn?
  • Do you want to be the world’s next guitar hero and change the face of music forever?
  • Are you a creative person or have a passion for performing and looking for an outlet to express yourself
  • Do you just want to learn your favourite songs or even write your own?
  • Are you looking for a fun and engaging hobby where you can jam and play music with friends and even meet new people?
  • Are you fed up with internet tabs and lessons on YouTube and want a teacher that can make lessons fun and easy?
If you’ve found yourself identifying with any of the questions above then our teenager guitar lessons program at Melbourne Guitar Academy is the solution for you!

Music can become a huge part of everyone’s identity as they grow up and is one of the most important parts of your life as a teenager. At Melbourne Guitar Academy we run guitar lesson programs that will help nourish your love for music and give you the skills you need to learn, play and create the music that will shape who you are for the rest of your life. We understand that everyone is different, likes different music, wants to learn different songs and has their own unique goals. Our job is to get to know you and create a personalised lesson program that will shape you into the musician you want to be. Whether you just want to learn some chords to play along to your favourite songs or want to be the next Jimi Hendrix, we’ll create a program to take you there.

Teens Learn Differently To Everyone Else
Learning music in the teenage years is a great way to discover yourself and find a way to express who you are. Everything is new, everything is exciting and the whole process of discovery awaits. It’s apparent that teenagers learn differently to both children and adults and require a guitar lesson program that is based on making progress with fundamental skills, being able to be expressive and play the music that is relevant to them, while still being engaging and allowing for fun. Unlike most music schools and guitar teachers who apply a blanket method to teach every student who walks in the door the exact same way, we understand that everyone comes to learn something different and make sure we help all of our students along their own unique musical journey.
Teenagers Need Guitar Lessons That Are Engaging
There is a 98% drop out rate for all students who try learning an instrument across primary and secondary school in Australia. This is quite an alarming statistic but when you account for the fact that most teachers are trying to make you learn how to read music, play 250 year old classical songs or try and mould you into their idea of what a musician should be, it’s no wonder so many people quit. At Melbourne Guitar Academy our revolutionary method of teaching guitar will have you playing songs and having fun from your very first lesson! We’ll keep you actively engaged and highly motivated so that you’re always making progress and feeling good about playing and because of our personalised lesson programs, you’ll never be questioning how or why what you’re learning relates to your goals.
More Than Just Guitar Lessons
At MGA we offer more than just guitar lessons! Our whole method is built on the idea of application so that everything you learn you know how to apply to real musical contexts. This is what will make you a true musician instead of just repeating things parrot fashion without knowing how anything works. In addition to guitar lessons we offer you the opportunity to join the band workshop program, improvisation jam workshops, songwriting classes and quarterly student concert performances so that you can gets year’s of performance experience before you ever do your first gig.
The Right Way To Learn Guitar
Many people try to teach themselves from youtube, guitar apps or internet tabs and while there are some great resources out there, you’ll find there is 10 times the amount of bad material on the web and the whole process just ends up overwhelming and frustrating. Guitar Lessons at MGA will give you access to experienced teachers and instructors who focus on teaching you the right thing at the right time with simple and effective delivery. You’ll only work on content relevant to your goals so that you don’t waste years learning unusable information and will receive specialised training that will supercharge your technical ability and have you playing well faster than you ever thought possible. Learn guitar the right way and experience massive progress!
At Melbourne Guitar Academy we pride ourselves on offering the best Teens Guitar Lessons in Melbourne and know that we have the right program for you. We also understand that lessons can be a big commitment so we happily offer a FREE Introductory Lesson so that can get a taste of what lessons are like before committing. You’re going to grow up fast so don’t spend the best year’s of your life learning from a teacher who has no idea what they are doing. To book your free lesson fill out the form below.


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