• Are you looking for a fun and engaging hobby for your son or daughter?
  • Are you tired of your child playing video games and would rather they experience an activity that will give them real life rewards and lifelong musical skills.
  • Do you want your child to be part of a program that will increase memory capacity, develop social skills and build their self esteem?
  • Is your child creative or has a flair for performance but lacks the confidence to realise their talents?







School Band

Learning an instrument is not only an incredibly fun and engaging hobby but has many additional benefits including; increased memory capacity, improved hand-eye coordination, better social & communication skills and the development of stronger self confidence. From 2018 onwards we are lucky enough to be offering Guitar, Vocal, Drums and Keyboard lessons in our schools instrumental music program. If you want to nurture your child’s creative side and give them a medium for self expression consider supplementing their education with a school music program!

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In The Melbourne Guitar Academy Schools Instrumental Music Program

Guitar/Drumkit/Vocals/Keyboard/Band Workshops/Foundation music

In 2018 we’re excited to expanding the Instrumental Music Program by adding Vocal and Keyboard lessons to our existing Guitar and Drum Lesson Programs. We’ll also be offering a Band Workshop program and providing students with the opportunity to put their hard work into a musical context.

Each week students will come out of class for a 30m group lesson.

Lessons operate on a rotating timetable so students don’t miss the same classes each week.

Students will learn all of the fundamental skills necessary to play their instrument and perform songs.

Music Lessons are proven to increase memory capacity, boost social skills and build self confidence, supplement your child’s education with a music program today!

Tuition Options

Bronze | $250 per term which includes

10 lessons

weekly lesson summaries

practice log

Silver | $350 per term which includes

10 lessons

weekly lesson summaries

practice log

fundamental skills audio/video* (valued at $49)

Access to digital lesson content ($20 monthly subscription)

* audio file or video file depending on instrument

Gold  | $450 per term which includes

10 lessons (valued at $200)

Weekly lesson summaries

Practice log

Fundamentals skills audio/videos* (valued at $49)

Access to digital lesson content ($20 monthly subscription)

Access to Student Portal  ($20 monthly subscription)

Online lesson course (valued at $99)

Parents guide to music lessons Ebook (valued at $9.99)

Access to exclusive digital & bonus content

*audio file or video file depending on instrument

A one off $50 Start up fee will be added for new students to cover the cost of their lesson books & consumable materials (folder, picks, drumsticks, workbooks etc).

An annual $30 registration fee is applied after that.

Lesson are to be paid for in advance via Credit Card or Bank Deposit. Payment Plans are available on request.

“I really like learning the guitar, Michael always makes lessons fun”

“Drum lessons are great because I learn a new technique and beat every lesson, Michael is really kind and makes lessons fun”

 “I have really enjoyed  learning to play guitar and even got to write my own song, the games we play and the songs we learn make lessons lots of fun”

Enrolment Form

You will be contacted shortly after completion to discuss the lesson program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my child need to own an instrument?

A: Your child will need their own instrument to practice on between lessons. We are happy to help organise discount gear through our music store partnerships and can assist with organising a rental instrument if purchasing is out of your budget.

Q: Can my child learn more than one instrument?

Your child is welcome to learn more than one instrument however be mindful that they will be missing more class time and will be expected to do two lots of practice throughout the week

Q: Can my child do more than one lesson per week?

Your child can definitely attend more than one lesson a week as double the contact time reinforces the materials they have learned and leads to much quicker progress and higher motivation.

Q: Can I organise a payment plan?

We prefer that all payments are done upfront at the start of term so that we can focus on lessons rather than admin. We do however understand that music lessons are a luxury and that sometimes money is tight therefore can offer a payment plan to suit your budget. This will be arranged as an automated direct debit and will incur a slightly higher per lesson fee)

Q: I don’t want my child missing classes, can my child come to lessons after school hours?

We run music lessons out of our music school Melbourne Guitar & Vocal Academy (located in Essendon) and welcome any students who wish to study with us. Please note that the program is slightly different and is not run on school premises.

Q: How much should my child be practicing?

Your child should aim to practice for 10 minutes every day and you should make it part of their routine so that they don’t perceive it as cutting into their free time. If you can spend 10 minutes supervising their practice and making the whole experience more engaging for them it goes a long way towards their motivation.

Q: How long should my child take lessons for?

Learning an instrument is a long term commitment and can take anywhere between 2 and 4 years of lessons and regular practice to become proficient. Everyone progresses at different paces and our program is designed to make learning fun and easy while ensuring students progress smoothly. We find that the majority of our students love their lessons and stick with it but highly recommend anyone trying an instrument for the first time commit to at least two terms to allow for the concepts and physiological changes necessary to play start to develop.

Q: Can my child change instruments?

We highly recommend students commit to at least two terms of an instrument before changing or withdrawing. This gives the student time to develop their knowledge and build their skill and will allow for long term retention of content should they decide to swap back or take up lessons again.

Q: I want to help my child learn but I don’t know how to play.

If you subscribe to our silver or gold packages you will have access to the video lessons and additional bonus content that you can learn from and play alongside with too. You could also enroll yourself in lessons outside of school to build up your own skills.


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