Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons In Melbourne


Unleash The Fury With Melbourne’s Best Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons!

  • Do you want to become the next guitar god?
  • Do you want to melt people’s faces off with insanely fast shred guitar?
  • Do you want to blow people’s mind with flawless sweep picking, finger tapping and liquid legato?
  • Do you want to master the art of the riff and have a picking hand that James Hetfield would envy?
  • Are you tired of practicing for hours and hours without making any progress?
  • Are you constantly looking for new information in the hope that you will become a great player but
  • Have you been stuck at the same level and can’t seem to break out of your current rut?
  • Are you sick of guitar teachers trying to teach you how to play jazz or other genres you’re not interested in?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions and want your guitar playing to jump into the fast lane, then Melbourne Guitar Academy has the guitar lessons you’ve been searching for!

Hi I’m Michael and I’m here to unlock your inner shred demon and turn you into a heavy metal guitar wizard! If you’re tired of not getting it, looking for materials on the internet in hope of finding the magical lick that will tie it all together, or just want to break into the light speed zone, then I am the teacher for you.

The truth is that anyone can become a great heavy metal guitarists, the problem is so many people focus on the wrong thing and simply hope that if they practice lots they will get better. I am here to show you how to identify and solve flaws in your technique, optimize your practice and learn the right thing in the right order so that we can shave years off of the amount of time it will take to get good at guitar.

I’ve helped hundreds of students reach their musical goals and I want to help you too. I want to get to know you, your goals and create a personalized heavy metal guitar lesson program that will transform you from an average Joe into a guitar shredding pro in the shortest, funnest and most efficient amount of time possible. Fill out the evaluation form below to organize a FREE introduction lessons so that I can begin helping you right away!

We Specialize in the following genres

  • Classic Heavy Metal & Thrash Guitar Lessons
  • Djent Guitar Lessons
  • Shred Guitar Lessons
  • Hardcore/Deathcore Guitar Lessons
  • Death Metal & Black Metal Guitar Lessons
  • Sweep Picking, Tapping, String Skipping, Scale Sequences
  • Music Theory, Songwriting, Recording Classes
  • Separate guitar lesson programs for teenagers and adults.

Melbourne Guitar Academy offers the best valued heavy metal guitar lessons in Melbourne
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