Acoustic Guitar Lessons In Melbourne


  • Have you always wanted to learn how to play acoustic guitar?
  • Do you want to be able to strum along to your favorite songs?
  • Have you always wanted to be the cool guy or girl at the party playing the guitar while the whole room sings along?
  • Has it been months or years since you last played and you’re itching to get back into it?
  • Do you want to learn how to write your own songs and make your own music?

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play acoustic guitar the Melbourne Guitar Academy has a lesson program for you. We focus on integrating all the must know skills into a personalized program that reflects your goals and what you want to learn on guitar. This helps keep you on a clear path towards becoming a great guitarists and ensures a fun and exciting journey along the way.

Check Out Melbourne Guitar Student Austen talking about his Acoustic Guitar Lessons below

Whether you want to learn to strum a few chords, write a song for a loved one or have aspirations of becoming a professional musician we have the best acoustic guitar lessons in Melbourne and promise to deliver outstanding results. If you’re not happy with your first month of lessons we’ll refund your money completely.

We focus on the following

  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Adults, Teenagers & Children
  • Classical, Top 40, Pop & Rock Acoustic Guitar Lessons
  • Songwriting Workshops
  • We also run electric guitar lessons and address other genres of music.

Gus has been taking Acoustic Guitar Lessons at Melbourne Guitar Academy for over 5 years and was the highest achieving VCE Gutiarist in 2015. Check out his cover of Amy by Tommy Emmanuel below

We base our lessons off of getting to know you and creating a personalised program with your goals in mind. In order to get to know you better we offer a FREE Introductory lessons so that we can evaluate your playing (or start you from scratch if you’re a beginner) set some goals and create your first 12 week plan before recommending a program that will give you maximum results and the best return on your investment.

To book your FREE Introductory session please fill out the form below and hit submit

If you want to take your acoustic guitar lessons to the next level then MGA is the place for you. Located in Melbourne’s northwest suburb of Strathmore just a 30m walk from Strathmore Station.

Melbourne Guitar Academy
74 Woodlands St Strathmore