May & June Program Overview

Dear Students,
I am excited to announce that both Amy and myself will be heading to the USA this June to attend a special Guitar Teachers Summit and Teacher Training Events in Chicago. Many of our long time students know that I’ve attended these events the last 3 years and each time return with a wealth of knowledge to share and help make our lessons together and your overall learning experience even better. We know we’re going to learn so much during our time away and that you should be excited about all the cool things we’ll have to share with you when we get back.

What this means for you

  • MGA will be closed for 3 weeks in June from the 9th to the 30th (lessons will run as normal for the first week of June)
  • During this time you will be given correspondence video lessons, PDF documents and practice plans to help you continue along your normal guitar program.
  • In addition to your normal lesson content we’ve also prepared some very special bonus lesson packages that will only be available for this period (after which we’ll be putting back into the vault for another year). You’ll get to pick one special bonus lesson each week in addition to your normal program (they are all awesome sessions and picking only one each week is going to be a tough decision) which will include video, pdf lessons and audio tracks to guide every part of the learning process.
  • We will be running additional Junior Jammer, Growth and Mastery sessions throughout May and July to help you catch up on the face to face lessons you will miss. We’ll also be trialling some new sessions and encourage you to come to as many as possible. Our new sessions include the Band Workshops, Lead Guitar Soloing & Improvisation Sessions and our theory classes for Practical Music Theory & Songwriting.
  • We encourage you to attend as many additional sessions as you can during this time, not simply as a means of making up lessons, but to experience the benefits of coming multiple times a week which include increased motivation, more progress with less practice, and getting more weekly contact hours with your teacher and other students.

How the additional session will work

  • You will be credited 3 weeks of lessons which you can make up during May and July (or even longer if needed).
  • Even If it you only do one additional session per week, we’ll hold the extra credits in your account until you’ve caught up.
  • We’ve organised the majority of sessions back to back so that if you’re coming for 1 session you can stay for an additional hour and attend a different session in a two or even three hour blocks. We’ve also added additional sessions throughout the week to better accommodate your availability.
  • Our specialist sessions will also run back to back

The Benefits for You 

  • During June you will get to learn at your own pace, any time of the day with interactive video and audio lessons via correspondence.
  • Pick your choice of bonus lesson material from our special vault of must have lessons and guitar secrets that won’t be offered any other time.
  • Forget the pressure of practicing at home throughout the week by simply coming to MGA for addition sessions. Just like going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week has a huge impact on your fitness attending guitar lessons & training sessions multiple times a week will do wonders for your playing and help you decrease overwhelm.

What You Need To Do

  • Read about the new classes below
  • View the timetable below
  • Determine which additional sessions you wish to attend.
  • Click the link below to view the lesson package options, select your bonus lessons and let us know which classes you will be attending

Lead Guitar Soloing & Improvisation


Band Workshops


Songwriting Workshop

  • Learn how to play the right notes at the right time so that you can create and play amazing lead guitar solos. Explore how you can apply your knowledge of scales and lead guitar techniques to music in every single style while playing along to backing tracks and jamming in a band.

  • Requirments
    • Must be Yellow Belt or higher
    • Must be able to change chords in time and commit to learning basic repertoire within a week.
  • Put all of the guitar skills you’ve learned into a practical application by jamming with a band and becoming part of a team. After only a few sessions you’ll be ready for your first gig!

  • Requirements
    • Any level (white belts must play bass lines)
    • Must know notes on string 6 and level 1 chords.
  • Learn all of the key elements of composition and follow the process to develop and write your own songs (with the opportunity to record them too).
  • Students learn fundamental songwriting concepts and their practical application.
  • Students can book in studio time to record their song at the end of the program.
  • Requirements
    • Must be done with music theory class

Practical Music Theory

music theory

Junior Jam Band

  • Music Theory is like a treasure map that is going to lead you to buried treasure. Would’t you like to know how to read the map? This class will cover reading music, application of theory concepts and ear training in fun and engaging manner so that you know the ins and outs of how music works, why it works and how to use it to supplement your guitar playing.
  • Requirements
    -Open to all levels
    -Recommended for white belts and yellow belts
  • This is a band workshop program for our junior students where we will focus on playing through songs & repertoire as well as working on our timing and musical communication.
  • Requirments
    • Must know notes along on string 6 and have memorised Level 1 Chords

Melbourne Guitar Academy May Timetable

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