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Learn how to get better results and make greater progress in less time with our transformational Rapid Results guitar method.

Anyone Can Become A Great Guitar Player

We’ll Show You How To Go From Being An Absolute Beginner To A Guitar God Who Can PlayAll Of Their Favourite Riffs, Songs And Guitar Solos Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!

  • Have you always wanted to learn guitar but have lacked the confidence to begin lessons?
  • Have you been trying to teach yourself from outdated guitar method books, Youtube videos, or other online resources only to find the process confusing and overwhelming?
  • Did you learn guitar earlier in life and wish you’d never given it up the first time around?
  • Do you want the learning process to be fun and engaging so that you can capture the joy and excitement you felt when first started learning guitar?
  • Are you frustrated & unsatisfied with the (lack of) progress you’re making with your current teacher who struggles to connect with your goals or provide you with relevant lessons content?

  • Do you just want the process of learning how to play guitar to be fun, easy and effortless?

We Help Everyday People Become Great Guitar Players, Keep Reading To Find Out How!

Guitar Lessons That Get Results

Learn With Direction

Get clear direction on where you are heading with your guitar playing and a clear roadmap of al the skills, concepts and techniques that you need to transform your playing from the guitarist you are now to the player you've always dreamed of becoming

Get Rapid Results

Our expert teachers will take your goals and break them down into an easy 'next-step' learning pathway for you to follow. We'll then guide you down every step of that pathway so that learning is easy and you make fast progress.

Play With Confidence

We don't just tell you what to learn, we show you how to practice and connect all the dots between your technique, theory concepts and fretboard knowledge so that you can finally make sense of the guitar and use it to capture whaterver sound is in your head.

What You Get With A Melbourne Guitar Academy Guitar Program Membership

Melbournes Best Guitar Lessons

Your membership includes a weekly 60m in person guitar lesson with one of our expert guitar coaches with options to attend multiple sessions per week.

Online Student Portal Access

Get 24/7 access to supplementary courses and online learning modules in our Student Portal. Learn at your own pace with over 50 courses and 1000 videos on every guitar playing topic imaginable.

Performance Opportunities

Go from the practice room to the stage with our regular jam sessions, band workshops, open mic nights and student showcases. (participation is voluntary)

A Community Of Guitar Players

Expand your social groups and friendship circles by joining a community of other guitar players and music enthusiasts just like yourself in a safe and inclusive learning environment.

a young boy smiling while holding a guitar

⭐ We Have More 5 Star Reviews Than Any Other Guitar School In Australia! ⭐

I've started learning guitar at MGA after 2 years being self taught, and my skills and knowledge developed so much after I joined. Classes are super fun and informative. I've met many new friends while learning with Michael's and managed to do my first performance because of him.

I wish I had started lessons years earlier instead of trying to teach myself.

Adult Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Lucas Perlind
I can not rate Melbourne guitar academy highly enough. It has been the most positive, rewarding and motivating experience. I had never had guitar lessons before and as an adult I felt nervous and unsure about beginning the journey. Michael took all the apprehension and fear out of the initial process and made me feel so comfortable. I have already come such a long way with my guitar playing in such a short amount of time. For all things guitar MGA is the place to be, hands down.GA
guitar teacher Strathmore
Graeme Falzon
Micheal has created a well-designed program for all levels of guitar students. With his focus on teaching us the 7 key areas of guitar playing the weekly group lessons will get you playing your favorite songs in very little time.

You will get workbooks with lessons on music theory, chords and scales to work toward improving your level of playing. In a few short months, I have expanded my skills that have improved my playing.
Greg Pruitt

Go From Zero To Guitar Hero

Whether you’re a total beginner, looking to get back into lessons after a couple of years (or decades) off, or an advancing player who wants to take their guitar skills to the next level, we have a guitar lesson program that will transform you’re playing from an average Joe to a guitar shreddin’ pro

Our Student's Results Speak For Themselves

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