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If You Can Type On A Computer, You Can Play Guitar

“Will my fingers ever move fast enough?”
This is something I hear on and almost weekly basis as a guitar teacher as a student of mine sees a more advanced player run through a guitar solo or epic lead lick.
This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and as I often point out to students “if you can type on a computer, you can play a guitar“. The realityis that most of us can already move our fingers fast enough to play guitar when we’re typing, the only difference is we haven’t yet developed the co-ordination needed for the finger movements unique to guitar.
At risk of sounding cliche, I want you to remember back to when you first learned how to type on a computer.
You probably used only the index finger of each hand, and slowly pressed key after key being extra careful not to mash two buttons at the same time.
Then, after a period of time, something happened…
You sped up and got faster,
Then you started using multiple fingers,
And at some point you didn’t even have to look anymore…
And before you knew it you were typing confidently and have never looked back since (or ever thought about how hard typing was in the beginning).
You also probably experienced a similar thing when typing text messages for the first time. Slow and cumbersome in the beginning, and now, years later you can fire off a message furiously with your phone in your pocket or under a desk, or even with your opposite hand while driving (you know you’re not meant to do that right?).
The point is, if you have successfully trained yourself to type on a computer, then you are perfectly capable of learning how to play guitar.
It’s going to require a little bit more time, and an extra degree of co-ordination, but you’ll eventually get there.
So if you have any doubts about your ability to play guitar, and are wondering if things are ever going to get easier, rest assured knowing that with enough time and consistent practice your fingers will be able to learn and execute every movement you want them to do so that you have total control over your hands and the music you want them to make.
Make sure you are getting lessons from a great teacher who can set out an easy path for you to follow…
…all you have to do is follow it.

About The Author

Michael Gumley is a Guitarist, Author and Music Educator from Melbourne, Australia. He has extensive experience playing in bands and has toured both nationally and internationally. 

Michael’s true passion lies in educating others about the guitar and he has the personal goal of raising the standard of guitar education internationally through his Guitar Teacher Training and Guitar Ninja Programs and the modern approach to learning and teaching that that provide.

If you’re seeking a Professional Guitar Teacher In Melbourne then look no further than the 5 star guitar tuition offered by Michael and his team at Melbourne Guitar Academy.

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