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Here you can find a collection of Books, Guitar Straps, and Guitar Accessories as part of the Guitar Ninjas Series

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Please Note: Discount Bundles are for Official Licensees only. If you are not an official licensee you will have to manually order books in the quantities that you need. Click Here to become and Official Guitar Ninjas Licensee.

Please Note all items on this store are listed in USD. Australian Licensee’s please use this form.

Guitar Ninjas Books

The Guitar Ninjas Book Series is our core curriculum that will take students from White Belt Guitar Zeros to Black Belt Guitar Heroes with a mix of learning psychology, martial arts, sports science and gamification combined into the ultimate method for learning guitar!

Little Ninjas Books

Little Ninjas is an adaption of our Guitar Ninjas curriculum for young learners in the 5-8 year old range. It’s the same format and formula for success with simpler and age relevant musical examples

Guitar Ninja Book & Strap Bundles

Please note that these bundle prices are for official Guitar Ninjas Licensee’s only. If you order a bundle and you are not a licensee we will place your order on hold until the remaining balance is paid. Click Here to become and Official Guitar Ninjas Licensee.

Guitar Straps & Accessories

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