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If you want an all encompassing Guitar Method that's easy to teach and actually works with your students, look no further than Guitar Ninjas


The Guitar Ninjas Program

Are you looking for a guitar curriculum that will…

  • save you hours of time wasted on lesson preparation
  • keep your students highly engaged and motivated to learn
  • Add years to the amount of time a student stays with you through our leveling system
  • Covers all fundamental contemporary guitar skills in a gamified learning approach.
  • Has accompanying teacher’s guides and playthrough videos to ensure easy understanding for you and your students.
  • Create the opportunity for additional revenue through book sales and online learning memberships

If you've found yourself saying "YES" then the Guitar Ninjas Program is the curriculum for you

The Guitar Ninjas Program is a guitar program and curriculum that takes students from total beginners and transforms them into accomplished musicians.

Guitar Ninjas combines modern guitar tuition with the psychology of learning, cutting edge sports science, the discipline of martial arts and the fun of video games resulting in the ultimate guitar method enjoyed by students of all ages.

By focusing on 7 Key Skill Areas students are able to make rapid progress in all areas and only grow in confidence with each victory their next lesson brings.

Students learn all of the key skills and concepts they need for contemporary guitar playing as they work their way through 9 levels: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown and Black!

Keep reading to find out more about how Guitar Ninjas works.


How Guitar Ninjas Works

Our core Guitar Ninjas Program is made up of 9 levels each with their own Method Book and accompanying Video Playthroughs and lesson explanations which will have students learning with you for years.

Students level up and receive different coloured guitar straps with our a karate style ascension system which providing them with short term goals, a long term vision and rewards along the way as each milestone is achieved.

Our geometric approach to learning covers the 7 key areas of guitar playing and helps students progress in Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Fretboard Knowledge, Repertoire, Creativity, Musicianship Skills and Music Theory

Checklist give students a clear overview of what they need to learn and practice while the process of ticking them off gamifies the approach and makes practice addictive! it will also make it very easy for you to see exactly where a student is and to track their progress.

We focus on the core 20% of skills that students use 80% of the time to ensure rapid results in key areas and soaring levels of motivation as student progress from victory to victory without getting bogged down with boring and unneccessary concepts like reading music and nursurey rhymes which every other guitar method book ever written uses to very poor results

Students can access our Guitar Dojo Online Platform and learn at their own pace with over 700 videos across more than 30 courses which cover every topic over guitar imaginable.


A message from Guitar Ninjas Founder Michael Gumley

Hello and thank you for considering our Guitar Ninjas Program for your own teaching studio.

I have spent the last 5 years writing, revising and perfecting Guitar Ninjas within my own studio: Melbourne Guitar Academy and am proud to be sharing this opportunity to use our teaching method & curriculum with you. Let me share with you how Guitar Ninjas came to be.

When I first started teaching out of my local music store, I struggled to keep students beyond their first 5 lessons. If I could get the students beyond their first 5 lessons then it was highly likely that they would stay with me forever however, getting them engaged from the start and keeping them motivated to practice was a massive struggle.

Sure I was pretty new to teaching, but I cared a lot about my students and didn’t think I was the reason students were quitting after their initial run of 5 lessons. I thought about whether it was the students who were the problem, and while I had some bad students that didn’t practice or seem all that interested in guitar, there was certainty nice students who appeared motivated in their first session but gradually lost interest over the course of several weeks, so I couldn’t blame the students either.

I asked the other teachers I worked with and they all seemed to have a similar problem, getting students engaged with learning and keeping them long term. It didn’t seem to matter whether we had good students or bad students, or whether we were good teachers or bad teachers, something wasn’t working…

Then I realised…It was the curriculum that the shop owner had us teaching from.

This particular method book, like many others, focused on teaching the student to read music first, learning one string at a time and then playing a bunch of nursery rhymes and 300 year old Beethoven songs for the first year (assuming students made it this far). Then if they made it through the first book they would move onto chords so that they could play accompaniment parts to traditional folk songs that most of them didn’t know.

With each rendition of Ode To Joy I watched their enthusiasm drain little by little by little while assuring them that once they had the basics down they could move onto learning their favourite pieces…but they never made it that far.

Most of us can relate to a similar situation, watching our students enthusiasm for music wane away while our own enthusiasm for teaching evaporates as we try and get the students to do what we think is best for them. Most of us learned this way, and we often teach this way, but most of us forgot how difficult guitar was at the beginning, and often don’t realise that we are the 1% of students who were engaged right away and couldn’t put our instrument down…most people aren’t like us.

Questioning whether there was a better way to teach guitar led to the breakthrough that was developing Guitar Ninjas.

The first change I made was I started teaching students what they liked and using songs they knew as study pieces to teach them essential skills.

Then I started teaching my students the core skills they needed to start playing the music they liked in the order best suited to them so that they could start playing and having fun right away. This got the students motivated and making great progress.

Then I started asking myself “how can I make this better, easier, more efficient, and more fun?”

This resulted in me creating my own curriculum which instantly increased student engagement, boosted retention and made both me and my students happier, not to mention the progress they made absolutely sky rocketed!

I refined my program over a number of years and after seeing how martial arts implement a successful learning ascension system through their belts, decided to try it out with different coloured guitar straps. I also started to take quest based system in video games and checklists from the business world to help set objectives for students and to help quantify their progress, which turned out to be the lasts few pieces of the puzzle to unlocking ultimate student engagement through gamification of the whole learning process.

I wrote the Guitar Ninjas Program with three objectives

  1. To create a modern guitar method that is highly engaging for students which leads to them having more fun,  being able to play real songs straight away, and ensuring they stick with guitar long term.
  2. To create a guitar method that allows students to develop in all areas of their playing so that they understand their instrument and have both the theoretical knowledge and technical proficiency to bring the music inside of them to life.
  3. To raise the standard of Modern Guitar Education so that future generations of guitar players are able to reach their musical goals and dreams through more professional, competent and enthusiastic teachers who have fun sharing their passion for music with their students and love what they do.

I hope that we can partner together with Guitar Ninjas to improve not only your teaching skills, but the entire learning experience for each and every one of your students.

Owner & Creator of Guitar Ninjas

Why Guitar Ninjas Works So Well For Guitar Students

Fun and engaging modern lesson content with a focus on core skills, quick victories and  rapid results

Checklists clearly layout what the student needs to learn in order to level up and gamify the whole learning experience.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons In Melbourne

Leveling up with our martial arts style belt system gives students something to strive for and a sense of accomplishment each time they advance through the program

Students progress quickly by learning the right things in the right order at the right times and quickly turn their growing enthusiasm into unstoppable momentum!

Why Guitar Ninjas Works So Well For Guitar Teachers

Instantly look more professional and stand out from your competitors with an organised curriculum that wows students and parents alike.

Save hours of lesson preparation time with our pre-made lesson plans and teacher’s guides that cover all of your fundamental skills, core concepts and repertoire.

Our Core Program comprises of 9 Levels each with it’s own Method Book and a variety of supplementary Video Courses, eBooks and Materials. There is over 6 years of content already created to keep your students with you long term.

Watch your studio come to life as students take to the gamified learning approach, become addicted to practice and race each other to level up.

Easily track each student’s progress with easy to follow checklists and content roadmaps that outline key learning areas and the requirements for leveling up.

Students can learn at their own pace and get 24/7  access to supplementary video demonstrations and playhroughs with our Guitar Dojo Online Learning Platform.

Get access to both national and international level Workshops, Bootcamps and Live Training Events for both teachers and students.

Earn additional revenue for your studio through the onselling of our Guitar Ninjas books and Guitar Dojo Online affiliate memberships to your students.

You get access to a support network of other Guitar Ninjas Teachers via a private membership forum where you can ask questions, learn from other highly motivated teachers and share your victories

You get ongoing email support and a monthly Q&A livestream as part of your membership.

Grow your own teaching skills with our Teacher Ascension Program comprising of course modules and monthly live calls

Grow your business skills  and studio with our business coaching courses and learn everything you need to attract, convert and retain new students

Become A Member Of The Guitar Ninjas Teacher Collective And Bring Your Studio To Life!

To help us celebrate the launch of Guitar Ninjas we’re offering special founder prices for everybody who signs up in November!

Guitar Ninjas

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Teacher Ascension Program

Curriculum License + Teacher Training

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Pro Membership

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