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If You're Going To Teach Yourself How To Play Guitar...
At Least Do It The Right Way!

Have you always wanted to learn guitar?

Have you ever been frustrated trying to play something you’ve learned online?

Are you finding the process of teaching yourself difficult?

Don’t worry, it isn’t your fault. There is an abundance of learning resources online and most of them make the same mistake. They all tell you what to learn but never show you how to practice it in a way that will help you improve. 

As a result, you’re left with a list of things you’re supposedly meant to have learned with no guidance on how to connect the dots.

It’s all very frustrating, and the more “free” resources you consume, the more you forget and the more frustrated you become…

But it doesn’t have to be like this…

In fact, learning guitar should be fun and easy.

If it’s not, you’re probably going about learning guitar the wrong way… which is why we’re here to help!

At Melbourne Guitar Academy we have a structured method where we teach you the right thing, in the right order, at the right time in addition to (most importantly) showing you HOW to practice so that the learning is easy and translates to instant results.

We’ve put this information into our new ‘Getting into Guitar eBook’ which will kickstart the career of any new guitarist by showing you:

  • How to develop your picking, strumming and fretting skills quickly so that you can start playing right away
  • How to read guitar music and chord charts (without tears or frustration)
  • simple, easy to play guitar chords and how to switch between them fluently.
  • Easy guitar riffs to get you playing songs right away.

In addition to the eBook you will get access to the accompanying video course in our Online Training Dojo so that you can watch detailed explanations and the accompanying visual footage to make sure you’re getting it right.

To download this free eBook, enter your name and email below.

Download Your Free Guitar eBook

But Michael, If Your eBook Is As Good As You Say It Is, Why Are You Giving It Away For Free?

Great question!

I am giving this eBook away for two reasons:

  1. My mission is to help as many people learn guitar as possible.

    I simply don’t have time to teach everybody how to play guitar with in person lessons and this eBook is a way of helping people all around the world learn how to play using my method.

    The reality is most people are never going to make it to the point where they pay for a lesson so they end up consuming really bad free content online which leads to lots of frustration and eventually quitting. If they’re going to teach themselves I want them to be using my method so that they have the best chance of long term success possible!

  2. I am hoping that at some point in the future when you are ready to take lessons, you remember that I helped you out when you first got started with this wonderful little resource.

    Then when you need help I’ll be the first guitar teacher you call!

So there you go, download my free eBook.

I hope it serves you well and that one day when you need help and finally decide to reach out, I’ll be there for you!



Download Your Free Beginner Guitar eBook Now!

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