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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the members forum.

    In this forum you can discuss all things guitar related, but first start by introducing yourself.

    My name is Michael.

    I first started playing guitar when I was 15 in the second semester of year 9. Up until that point I HATED music class. In year 7 & 8 the last two periods on a Friday afternoon were set for music. I was already 6 foot tall and we had to sit in those crappy chairs that have a sliding desk attached to them. Not only was it uncomfortable but the only music we got to learn was old classical pieces from hundreds of years ago that were so boring it sucked the fun out of the class.

    At the start of year 7, I did a musical aptitude test and was the only person to score 100%. I got invited down to music night where they show off the big bands and do a few performance and then select an instrument for you. At the end of the night they proudly proclaimed they had the perfect instrument in mind for me and went on to present me with an Oboe… very underwhelming. My dad then chimed in and said “what about guitar or drums, would you want to play one of them instead Mike?” to which I got all shy (like kids do) and thought “no, me play guitar? I could never do that”

    Good thing I was wrong! Fastforward a few years and here we are. If I gave you a quick summary of my guitar playing career it looks like this:

    Started guitar at age 15
    Played in high school band’s Mr Crowley, Scarecrow and Half A Chance doing school functions and footy club gigs.

    Went to study a Bachelor of Music at Whitehorse Institute, played in bands Aluminium Clouds and Cardboard Mountain doing cover gigs.
    Founded the original metal band Scarecrow, gigged around Melbourne.

    Had an arm injury requiring surgery and 18 months no guitar playing. Studied theory based subjects at Uni while withdrawing from practical subjects.

    recovered from surgery and rehab and could start playing guitar again.
    joined a heavy metal band called Hybrid Nightmares, founded first business ‘The Guitar Suite’

    2013 – 2015
    signed first ever endorsement deals with ESP Guitars and Dean Markley Strings
    Completed my degree
    Released 4 CD concept album called The Ages with Hybrid Nightmares
    enrolled in Masters of Education but withdrew in order to pursue Music Career and found Melbourne Guitar Academy.
    First East Coast Tour

    First International Tour
    Signed an endorsement deal with Ormsby Guitars
    Signed an endorsement deal with Line 6
    Signed an endorsement deal with Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

    Released the album Almagest with Hybrid Nightmares
    First Full National Tour of Australia

    Second International Tour
    Left Hybrid Nightmares to focus on guitar teaching.

    Was a trainer and presenter at the Ultimate Guitar Creativity Training Event in Chicago, USA.

    Launched Guitar Dojo Online
    hopefully “released debut solo album” will be the next thing on this list!

    My all-time favourite guitarist is Eddie Van Halen and my other big influences include Yngwie Malmsteen, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Slash, Angus Young and Michael Amott.

    Looking forward to getting to know you guys here

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