Children’s Guitar Lessons In Melbourne

  • Has your child expressed interest in taking music lessons?
  • Are you looking for a fun and rewarding hobby for your children?
  • Would you like to supplement your child’s education with a program that will increase their memory capacity, develop their social skills and build their self confidence?
  • Do you want them to participate in an activity where they can make new friends, jam with them and even form a band?
  • Is your child very creative or has a passion for performance but lacks and outlet for their talent?
  • Had you invested in music lessons in the past but found the teacher couldn’t engage your children or motivate them to practice which led to lessons being a chore for everyone involved?


Learning a musical instrument is not only an incredibly fun and engaging hobby but has been proven to increase memory capacity, self confidence and communication skills. Unfortunately too many children are put off by lessons because they study with a teacher who is either not passionate about their job or are inexperienced with teaching young people and have no idea how to make lessons interesting and enjoyable for children.

The truth is that children learn a lot differently to adults and thus need lessons that not only cater to their learning style, but a teacher who can engage them and make learning so much fun that the child see’s it as an enjoyable activity rather than a lesson. At Melbourne Guitar Academy we take the time to get to know your child so that we can create a lesson program that is both fun, engaging and in line with their personal educational needs.

“Michael not only teaches me awesome songs and cool techniques but takes the time to identify what my problems are so that I can fix them and become a better player”
-Gus, 16

Benefits Of Guitar Lessons For Children 

Learning a musical instrument is not only fun for children but provides them with many additional benefits that will help them excel in other areas of life. I’ve listed just a few of the many benefits below.

  1. Increased Memory Capacity
  2. Improved Concentration Skills
  3. Improved Social & Communication Skills
  4. Increased Self Esteem & Confidence
  5. Improved Hand-Eye Coordination Skills
  6. Overall Increased Academic Performance
  7. Students Will Learn The Skills of Goal Setting, Hard Work & Perseverance
  8. Students Will Gain a Platform of Creativity & Self Expression
  9. Students Will Make New Friends & Experience Being Part of a Team
  10. Students Will Gain Life-Long Musical Skills
Guitar Lessons are so much fun, I love getting to learn and play my favourite songs”
– Sienna, 11
“Guitar lessons are great because I learn how to write my own songs and guitar solos, Michael is a great teacher”
– Xavier, 14
“Learning the guitar was so much easier than I thought it would be, I even got to play a song I wrote in front of the entire school at Assembly”
– Morgan, 12

Why Choose Guitar Lessons At Melbourne Guitar Academy

When Taking Lessons at Melbourne Guitar Academy Your Child Will;

When taking lessons from other teachers  your child will

  1. get a personalised lesson program built around their individual goals and needs

  2. follow a geometric lesson format that accomplishes rapid growth in many areas of their playing simultaneously

  3. learning the right thing at the right time with simple, easy to follow lesson content that avoids unnecessary information

  4. learn efficient memorisation techniques that can be applied to any learning situation

  5. get access to a virtual practice room to make practice fun and engaging

  6. receive supplementary printed, audio and visual material to engage different learning styles

  7. participate in games that will aid in the development of musical skills whilst being a lot of fun

  8. have their progress logged so that they can see their improvement and feel good about it

  9. meet, socialise and jam with other students in a friendly, positive learning environment from their very first lesson

  10. will be given the opportunity to participate in the band workshop program and perform in live concerts
  1. get a one sized fits all program that doesn’t engage your child’s individual needs

  2. follow a linear lesson plan from outdated books and teaching methods

  3. become overwhelmed with music theory and other information which is unnecessary for beginner students

  4. be given mindless exercises that have no musical application

  5. will be left to practice on their own with the teacher hoping for the best

  6. learn from hand drawn notes, photocopies or internet printouts that the teacher has hastily prepared

  7. most teachers have no idea how to do this or the benefits it provides for students

  8. most teachers have no idea how to do this or the benefits it provides for students

  9. will be kept in private lessons for years and will miss out on the social aspect of learning an instrument

  10. will miss out on band workshops and performance opportunities

Why Guitar Is The Best Instrument For Children To Learn On

There is a common misconception that piano is the best instrument for children to learn on. This false idea has been around for hundreds of years simply because piano has been one of the most common instruments in western culture for the last 300 years, but this is changing as our music has become more guitar orientated. Guitar is a much better instrument for several reasons, lets touch on them briefly.
1) You can begin playing it right away – To learn piano one must know how to read music, often resulting in a child having to learn the equivalent of a new language before they can even try playing something that resembles a song. This puts many students off learning because it is boring and uninspiring. Guitar on the other hand does not require you to read music and children can begin having fun and playing actual songs in their very first lesson.
2) Guitar is a social instrument – Most piano players sit in their room and play on their own, they can’t jam with anyone because the instrument is too big to carry around, and most of the music they learn is outdated and focused on individual playing. You can play any song, genre or style of music on the guitar and what is even better is that you can carry it to a friends house and start jamming with them. Guitar players become better players faster because they interact and play with other people, making them work on other valuable areas of musicianship without realising it and causing them to become better players at a much earlier stage of musical development.
3) Buying a guitar is not a big investment – A big worry shared by most parents is having to purchase expensive musical equipment only to have their child lose interest after a few weeks and getting. The average entry level piano is $1600 whereas a decent beginner guitar kit will only set you back $120-$200, making it a much safer investment for you.

Take a moment to imagine the smile on your precious one’s face when they play their favourite song for the first time. Now imagine how excited they are when they tell you about how well their performance at school assembly went, and how everyone clapped and cheered for them. Picture helping them frame their High Distinction exam certificate and showing it off to the family at Christmas time. Imagine how good you will feel standing at the back of the room and watching them play to a sold out crowd for the first time.
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