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Learning Guitar Has Never Been So Much Fun!

  • Are you looking for a fun and engaging hobby for your son or daughter?
  • Would you like them to participate in an activity that will give them lifelong musical skills?
  • Would you like to supplement their education with a program that will improve their memory capacity, self confidence and creativity?
  • Is your child creative or has a flair for performance but lacks the confidence or outlet to realise their talent?
  • Have they taken lessons in the past but were put off by a teacher who failed to engage their interest or make lessons fun?
  • Are you unhappy with your current program and tired of not getting the results you’re paying for?

If you’ve said ‘yes’ to any of these questions then enrolling your son or daughter for guitar lessons at Melbourne Guitar Academy is the answer.

Hello! My name is Michael and I’m the head teacher at Melbourne Guitar Academy. I’ve been teaching guitar for over 10 years and during my time I’ve bought the joys of learning guitar to hundreds of children. I am extremely passionate about guitar and want to share my love of music with everyone I meet.

At Melbourne Guitar Academy we understand that every child is different and go to great lengths to get to know our students, their goals, musical taste and what learning styles & teaching approaches they best respond to so that we can create a personalised lesson program that will set them up for success! We focus on running engaging lessons in a safe and fun learning environment that will nurture your child’s musical talent and give them skills that they will have for the rest of their life.


Children Learn Differently To Adults

It’s quite obvious that children learn differently to adults and need a guitar lesson program that is fun, engaging and exciting in order to spark their interest and to keep them motivated to practice. The truth is too many teachers try to teach all of their students exactly the same way, regardless of age, experience or musical taste. This presents children with lessons that are difficult, boring & overwhelming and sets the student up for failure from the beginning. At Melbourne Guitar Academy we understand that every child is a uniquely special individual and focus on getting to know our students so that we can match them to a program that will accelerate their learning.

Children Need To Be Engaged

When children are engaged they have fun, when they are having fun they are motivated, when they are motivated they practice, when they practice they sound good, when they sound good they feel good, when they feel good they are motivated to practice, and the student enters into a cycle of positivity where they make rapid and continuous progress.

Too Many Teacher’s Focus On Creating Parrots, Not Training Musicians

Most teachers put their students in the drivers seat and simply ask “what songs do you want to learn?” Beware! For this is an indication that the teacher has no direction for the student and is simply teaching your son or daughter songs on the fly until they grow bored and eventually quit. At Melbourne Guitar Academy we will create a personalized lesson program based off your child’s individual goals so that we can take them on a musical journey from their current level to playing like a total pro and everything in between. We don’t create parrots that simply mimic their favorite songs (or the boring material their teacher is forcing them to learn) but instill all the necessary skills and techniques students need to become self sufficient musicians and masters in all areas of playing guitar.

Learn Guitar The Right Way

The truth is traditional methods for learning guitar simply don’t work and set the student up for failure in the beginning. They are dated, teach the wrong thing at the wrong time, bore children with 300 year old songs that aren’t relevant to contemporary culture and put too much of an emphasis on learning how to read music instead of actually playing music and having fun. Our curriculum at MGA has been created to get kids having fun, keeping them motivated with constant progress and getting maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible. Our lesson content is simple, effective and enjoyable for our students and will keep them excited, engaged and keen to come back next week. We’re here to help them learn guitar the right way!

At Melbourne Guitar Academy we pride ourselves on offering the best Kids Guitar Lessons in Melbourne and know that we have the right program for your little one. We also understand that lessons can be a big commitment so we happily offer a FREE Introductory Lesson so that your child can experience a lesson before deciding to commit. To book your free lesson fill out the form below.

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