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How To Choose A Guitar Teacher

5 Reasons Why You Suck At Guitar

Michael’s Articles on Shred Guitar for Trendkill Magazine

Shred Guitar 101: Effective Learning Techniques – Dec 2014

Shred Guitar 101: Scale Sequences – January 2015

Shred Guitar 101: Looking For Patterns – February 2015

Audio Files To Accompany Method Books

The Beginner Guitar Book 1 Audio Files

The Foundation Guitar Book Audio Files


Download some of these resources to help you get the most out of your guitar lessons. Also check out the Online Timer, Metronome and Practice Generator which are very useful tools to help with your practice.

Blank Tab Paper

Write Your Own Song Template

Guitar Progress Log

Guitar Problem Tracker

Favourite Song List

Student Goal List

Student Welcome Package PDF

Online Metronome

Online Timer

Practice Generator

School Program Resources

In addition to the above here are some additional resources which have been changed to better fit the primary school music program.

School Program Information

Guitar Success Chart

Drum Success Chart

Daily Practice Log

Term Practice Log

Oak Park Primary Music Program Note

St Albans Meadows Primary Music Note

Westbreen Primary Music Note

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