Introduction To Guitar Video Series

Below is your Introduction To Guitar video series. The videos in this series will help you recap all of the fundamental skills and knowledge you learned in your Introduction To Guitar session as well as providing you with several additional concepts that you will be learning in your first lesson. It is important that you watch all of these videos before coming to your first lesson so that you are familiar with all of the topics presented and can make the most of the time you have with your teacher. You should revise these videos several times throughout your first month of lessons so that you retain all of the knowledge presented and take in things you may have missed the first time.

Parts of the Guitar

Naming The Strings

How To Pick Notes

How To Fret Notes

How To Read Tab

Introduction Session Recap

How To Read A Chord Chart

How To Practice Chords

How To Tune Your Guitar

How To Learn Your Book Songs

The Minor Pentatonic Scale

How To Play Power Chords

How To Practice With A Metronome

How To Set Goals

Breaking Down Goals


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